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Prolog files

aggregate.pl  -- Aggregation operators on backtrackable predicatesShow source
ansi_term.pl  -- Print decorated text to ANSI consolesShow source
apply.pl  -- Apply predicates on a listShow source
convlist/3Similar to maplist/3, but elements for which call(Goal, ElemIn, _) fails are omitted from ListOut.Source
exclude/3Filter elements for which Goal fails.Source
foldl/4Fold an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("fold-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
foldl/5Fold an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("fold-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
foldl/6Fold an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("fold-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
foldl/7Fold an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("fold-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
include/3Filter elements for which Goal succeeds.Source
maplist/2True if Goal is successfully applied on all matching elements of the list.Source
maplist/3True if Goal is successfully applied on all matching elements of the list.Source
maplist/4True if Goal is successfully applied on all matching elements of the list.Source
maplist/5True if Goal is successfully applied on all matching elements of the list.Source
partition/4Filter elements of List according to Pred.Source
partition/5Filter List according to Pred in three sets.Source
scanl/4Scan an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("scan-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
scanl/5Scan an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("scan-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
scanl/6Scan an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("scan-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
scanl/7Scan an ensemble of m (0 <= m <= 4) lists of length n head-to-tail ("scan-left"), using columns of m list elements as arguments for Goal.Source
apply_macros.pl  -- Goal expansion rules to avoid meta-callingShow source
expand_phrase/2Provide goal-expansion for PhraseGoal.Source
expand_phrase/4Provide goal-expansion for PhraseGoal.Source
archive.pl  -- Access several archive formatsShow source
archive_close/1Close the archive.Source
archive_create/3Convenience predicate to create an archive in OutputFile with data from a list of InputFiles and the given Options.Source
archive_data_stream/3True when DataStream is a stream to a data object inside Archive.Source
archive_entries/2True when Paths is a list of pathnames appearing in Archive.Source
archive_extract/3Extract files from the given archive into Dir.Source
archive_foldl/4Operates like foldl/4 but for the entries in the archive.Source
archive_header_property/2True when Property is a property of the current header.Source
archive_next_header/2Forward to the next entry of the archive for which Name unifies with the pathname of the entry.Source
archive_open/3Wrapper around archive_open/4 that opens the archive in read mode.Source
archive_open/4Open the archive in Data and unify Archive with a handle to the opened archive.Source
archive_open_entry/2Open the current entry as a stream.Source
archive_property/2True when Property is a property of the archive Handle.Source
archive_set_header_property/2Set Property of the current header.Source
arithmetic.pl  -- Extensible arithmeticShow source
assoc.pl  -- Binary associationsShow source
atom.pl  -- Operations on atomsShow source
backcomp.pl  -- Backward compatibilityShow source
base32.pl  -- Base32 encoding and decodingShow source
base32/2Translates between plaintext and base32 encoded atom or string.Source
base32/3Encode/decode list of character codes using base32.Source
base64.pl  -- Base64 encoding and decodingShow source
base64/2Equivalent to base64_encoded/3 using the options as(atom) and encoding(iso_latin_1).Source
base64/3Encode/decode list of character codes using base64.Source
base64_encoded/3General the base64 encoding and decoding.Source
base64url/2Translates between plaintext and base64url encoded atom or string.Source
base64url/3Encode/decode list of character codes using Base64URL.Source
bdb.pl  -- Berkeley DB interfaceShow source
broadcast.pl  -- Event serviceShow source
c14n2.pl  -- C14n2 canonical XML documentsShow source
xml_write_canonical/3Write an XML DOM using the canonical conventions as defined by C14n2.Source
cgi.pl  -- Read CGI parametersShow source
charsio.pl  -- I/O on Lists of Character CodesShow source
check.pl  -- Consistency checkingShow source
check/0Run all consistency checks defined by checker/2.Source
checker/2Register code validation routines.Source
list_autoload/0Report predicates that may be auto-loaded.Source
list_cross_module_calls/0List calls from one module to another using Module:Goal where the callee is not defined exported, public or multifile, i.e., where the callee should be considered private.Source
list_format_errors/0List argument errors for format/2,3.Source
list_format_errors/1List argument errors for format/2,3.Source
list_rationals/0List rational numbers that appear in clauses.Source
list_rationals/1List rational numbers that appear in clauses.Source
list_redefined/0Lists predicates that are defined in the global module user as well as in a normal module; that is, predicates for which the local definition overrules the global default definition.Source
list_strings/0List strings that appear in clauses.Source
list_strings/1List strings that appear in clauses.Source
list_trivial_fails/0List goals that trivially fail because there is no matching clause.Source
list_trivial_fails/1List goals that trivially fail because there is no matching clause.Source
list_undefined/0Report undefined predicates.Source
list_undefined/1Report undefined predicates.Source
list_void_declarations/0List predicates that have declared attributes, but no clauses.Source
string_predicate/1Multifile hook to disable list_strings/0 on the given predicate.Source
trivial_fail_goal/1Multifile hook that tells list_trivial_fails/0 to accept Goal as valid.Source
valid_string_goal/1Multifile hook that qualifies Goal as valid for list_strings/0.Source
check_installation.pl  -- Check installation issues and featuresShow source
chr.plShow source
debug_ask_continue/1Hook to ask for a CHR debug continuation.Source
debug_event/2Hook into the CHR debugger.Source
debug_interact/3Hook into the CHR debugger to display Event and ask for the next command to execute.Source
codesio.pl  -- I/O on Lists of Character CodesShow source
coinduction.pl  -- Co-Logic ProgrammingShow source
coinductive/1The declaration :- coinductive name/arity, ... defines predicates as coinductive.Source
console_input.plShow source
crypt.plShow source
crypto.pl  -- Cryptography and authentication libraryShow source
csv.pl  -- Process CSV (Comma-Separated Values) dataShow source
csv/3Prolog DCG to `read/write' CSV data.Source
csv/4Prolog DCG to `read/write' CSV data.Source
csv_options/2Compiled is the compiled representation of the CSV processing options as they may be passed into csv//2, etc.Source
csv_read_file/2Read a CSV file into a list of rows.Source
csv_read_file/3Read a CSV file into a list of rows.Source
csv_read_file_row/3True when Row is a row in File.Source
csv_read_row/3Read the next CSV record from Stream and unify the result with Row.Source
csv_read_stream/3Read CSV data from Stream.Source
csv_write_file/2Write a list of Prolog terms to a CSV file.Source
csv_write_file/3Write a list of Prolog terms to a CSV file.Source
csv_write_stream/3Write the rows in Data to Stream.Source
ctypes.pl  -- Character code classificationShow source
is_digit/3Succeeds if `C' is a digit using `Base' as base and `Weight' represents its value.Source
is_paren/2True if Open is the open-parenthesis of Close.Source
to_lower/2Downcase a character code.Source
to_upper/2Upcase a character code.Source
upper_lower/2True when U is the character code of an uppercase character and L is the character code of the corresponding lowercase character.Source
date.pl  -- Process dates and timesShow source
debug.pl  -- Print debug messages and test assertionsShow source
dialect.pl  -- Support multiple Prolog dialectsShow source
dicts.pl  -- Dict utilitiesShow source
dict_fill/4Implementation for the dicts_to_same_keys/3 OnEmpty closure that fills new cells with a copy of ValueIn.Source
dict_keys/2True when Keys is an ordered set of the keys appearing in Dict.Source
dict_size/2True when KeyCount is the number of keys in Dict.Source
dicts_join/3Join dicts in Dicts that have the same value for Key, provided they do not have conflicting values on other keys.Source
dicts_join/4Join two lists of dicts (Dicts1 and Dicts2) on Key.Source
dicts_same_keys/2True if List is a list of dicts that all have the same keys and Keys is an ordered set of these keys.Source
dicts_same_tag/2True when List is a list of dicts that all have the tag Tag.Source
dicts_slice/3DictsOut is a list of Dicts only containing values for Keys.Source
dicts_to_compounds/4True when Dicts and Compounds are lists of the same length and each element of Compounds is a compound term whose arguments represent the values associated with the corresponding keys in Keys.Source
dicts_to_same_keys/3DictsOut is a copy of DictsIn, where each dict contains all keys appearing in all dicts of DictsIn.Source
dif.pl  -- The dif/2 constraintShow source
dif/2Constraint that expresses that Term1 and Term2 never become identical (==/2).Source
doc_files.pl  -- Create stand-alone documentation filesShow source
doc_save/2Save documentation for FileOrDir to file(s).Source
doc_http.pl  -- Documentation serverShow source
doc_latex.pl  -- PlDoc LaTeX backendShow source
double_metaphone.pl  -- Phonetic string matchingShow source
edinburgh.pl  -- Some traditional Edinburgh predicatesShow source
edit.pl  -- Editor interfaceShow source
edit/0Edit associated or script file.Source
edit/1Edit indicated object.Source
edit_command/2This predicate should specify the shell-command called to invoke the user's editor.Source
locate/2Locate object from the specified location.Source
editline.pl  -- BSD libedit based command line editingShow source
el_add_history/2Add a line to the command line history.Source
el_addfn/4Add a new command to the command line editor associated with Input.Source
el_bind/2Invoke the libedit bind command with the given arguments.Source
el_cursor/2Move the cursor Move character forwards (positive) or backwards (negative).Source
el_deletestr/2Delete Count characters before the cursor.Source
el_history/2Perform a generic action on the history.Source
el_history_events/2Unify Events with a list of pairs of the form Num-String, where Num is the event number and String is the associated string without terminating newline.Source
el_insertstr/2Insert Text at the cursor.Source
el_line/2Fetch the currently buffered input line.Source
el_read_history/2Read the history saved using el_write_history/2.Source
el_setup/1This hooks is called as forall(el_setup(Input), true) after the input stream has been wrapped, the default Prolog commands have been added and the default user setup file has been sourced using el_source/2.Source
el_source/2Initialise editline by reading the contents of File.Source
el_unwrap/1Remove the libedit wrapper for In and the related output and error streams.Source
el_wrap/0Enable using editline on the standard user streams if user_input is connected to a terminal.Source
el_wrap/4Enable editline on the stream-triple <In,Out,Error>.Source
el_wrapped/1True if In is a stream wrapped by el_wrap/3.Source
el_write_history/2Save editline history to File.Source
error.pl  -- Error generating supportShow source
explain.pl  -- Describe Prolog TermsShow source
explain/1Give an explanation on Term.Source
explain/2True when Explanation is an explanation of Term.Source
fastrw.pl  -- Fast reading and writing of termsShow source
fast_read/1The next term is read from current standard input and is unified with Term.Source
fast_write/1Output Term in a way that fast_read/1 and fast_read/2 will be able to read it back.Source
fast_write_to_string/3Perform a fast-write to the difference-slist String\Tail.Source
files.plShow source
filesex.pl  -- Extended operations on filesShow source
gensym.pl  -- Generate unique symbolsShow source
git.pl  -- Run GIT commandsShow source
git/2Run a GIT command.Source
git_branches/2True when Branches is the list of branches in the repository.Source
git_default_branch/2True when BranchName is the default branch of a repository.Source
git_describe/2Describe the running version based on GIT tags and hashes.Source
git_hash/2Return the hash of the indicated object.Source
git_ls_remote/3Execute git ls-remote against the remote repository to fetch references from the remote.Source
git_ls_tree/2True when Entries is a list of entries in the the GIT repository, Each entry is a term:.Source
git_open_file/4Open the file File in the given bare GIT repository on the given branch (treeisch).Source
git_process_output/3Run a git-command and process the output with OnOutput, which is called as call(OnOutput, Stream).Source
git_remote_branches/2Exploit git_ls_remote/3 to fetch the branches from a remote repository without downloading it.Source
git_remote_url/3URL is the remote (fetch) URL for the given Remote.Source
git_shortlog/3Fetch information like the GitWeb change overview.Source
git_show/4Fetch info from a GIT commit.Source
git_tags_on_branch/3Tags is a list of tags in Branch on the GIT repository Dir, most recent tag first.Source
is_git_directory/1True if Directory is a git directory (Either checked out or bare).Source
hash_stream.pl  -- Maintain a hash on a streamShow source
hashtable.pl  -- Hash tablesShow source
heaps.pl  -- heaps/priority queuesShow source
add_to_heap/4Adds Key with priority Priority to Heap0, constructing a new heap in Heap.Source
delete_from_heap/4Deletes Key from Heap0, leaving its priority in Priority and the resulting data structure in Heap.Source
empty_heap/1True if Heap is an empty heap.Source
get_from_heap/4Retrieves the minimum-priority pair Priority-Key from Heap0.Source
heap_size/2Determines the number of elements in Heap.Source
heap_to_list/2Constructs a list List of Priority-Element terms, ordered by (ascending) priority.Source
is_heap/1Returns true if X is a heap.Source
list_to_heap/2If List is a list of Priority-Element terms, constructs a heap out of List.Source
merge_heaps/3Merge the two heaps Heap0 and Heap1 in Heap.Source
min_of_heap/3Unifies Key with the minimum-priority element of Heap and Priority with its priority value.Source
min_of_heap/5Gets the two minimum-priority elements from Heap.Source
singleton_heap/3True if Heap is a heap with the single element Priority-Key.Source
help.pl  -- Text based manualShow source
hotfix.pl  -- Load hotfixes into executablesShow source
increval.pl  -- Incremental dynamic predicate modificationShow source
intercept.pl  -- Intercept and signal interfaceShow source
iostream.pl  -- Utilities to deal with streamsShow source
iso_639.plShow source
isub.pl  -- isub: a string similarity measureShow source
jpl.pl  -- A Java interface for SWI Prolog 7.xShow source
jpl_array_to_length/2Array should be a JPL reference to a Java array of any type.Source
jpl_array_to_list/2Array should be a JPL reference to a Java array of any type.Source
jpl_array_to_terms/2JRef should be a JPL reference to a Java array of org.jpl7.Term instances (or ots subtypes); Terms will be a list of the terms which the respective array elements represent.Source
jpl_c_lib_version/1Version is the fully qualified version identifier of the in-use C component (jpl.c) of JPL.Source
jpl_call/4X should be either * an object reference, e.g.Source
jpl_class_to_classname/2Class is a reference to a class object.Source
jpl_class_to_type/2The Class is a reference to a (Java Universe) instance of java.lang.Class.Source
jpl_classname_to_class/2EntityName is the entity name to be mapped to a class reference.Source
jpl_classname_to_type/2This is a wrapper around jpl_entityname_to_type/2 to keep the old exported predicate alive.Source
jpl_datum_to_type/2Datum must be a JPL representation of an instance of one (or more) Java types;.Source
jpl_datums_to_array/2A will be a JPL reference to a new Java array, whose base type is the most specific Java type of which each member of Datums is (directly or indirectly) an instance.Source
jpl_entityname_to_type/2EntityName is the entity name (an atom) denoting a Java type, to be mapped to a JPL type.Source
jpl_enumeration_element/2Generates each Element from Enumeration.Source
jpl_enumeration_to_list/2Enumeration should be a JPL reference to an object which implements the Enumeration interface.Source
jpl_false/1X is @(false), the JPL representation of the Java boolean value 'false'.Source
jpl_get/3X can be.Source
jpl_get_actual_jvm_opts/1Returns (as a list of atoms) the options with which the JVM was initialised.Source
jpl_get_default_jvm_opts/1Returns (as a list of atoms) the options which will be passed to the JVM when it is initialised, e.g.Source
jpl_hashtable_pair/2Generates Key-Value pairs from the given HashTable.Source
jpl_is_class/1True if Term is a JPL reference to an instance of java.lang.Class.Source
jpl_is_false/1True if Term is @(false), the JPL representation of the Java boolean value 'false'.Source
jpl_is_null/1True if Term is @(null), the JPL representation of Java's 'null' reference.Source
jpl_is_object/1True if Term is a well-formed JPL object reference.Source
jpl_is_object_type/1True if Term is an object (class or array) type, not e.g.Source
jpl_is_ref/1True if Term is a well-formed JPL reference, either to a Java object or to Java's notional but important 'null' non-object.Source
jpl_is_true/1True if Term is @(true), the JPL representation of the Java boolean value 'true'.Source
jpl_is_type/1True if Term is a well-formed JPL type structure.Source
jpl_is_void/1True if Term is @(void), the JPL representation of the pseudo Java value 'void' (which is returned by jpl_call/4 when invoked on void methods).Source
jpl_iterator_element/2Iterator should be a JPL reference to an object which implements the java.util.Iterator interface.Source
jpl_list_to_array/2Datums should be a proper Prolog list of JPL datums (values or references).Source
jpl_map_element/2Map must be a JPL Reference to an object which implements the java.util.Map interface.Source
jpl_new/3X can be: * an atomic classname, e.g.Source
jpl_null/1X is @(null), the JPL representation of Java's 'null' reference.Source
jpl_object_to_class/2fails silently if Object is not a valid reference to a Java object.Source
jpl_object_to_type/2Object must be a proper JPL reference to a Java object (i.e.Source
jpl_pl_lib_version/1Version is the fully qualified version identifier of the in-use Prolog component (jpl.pl) of JPL.Source
jpl_pl_syntax/1Unifies Syntax with 'traditional' or 'modern' according to the mode in which SWI Prolog 7.x was started.Source
jpl_primitive_type/1Type is an atomic JPL representation of one of Java's primitive types.Source
jpl_ref_to_type/2Ref must be a proper JPL reference (to an object, null or void).Source
jpl_servlet_byref/3This serves the byref servlet demo, exemplifying one tactic for implementing a servlet in Prolog by accepting the Request and Response objects as JPL references and accessing their members via JPL as required;.Source
jpl_servlet_byval/3This exemplifies an alternative (to jpl_servlet_byref) tactic for implementing a servlet in Prolog; most Request fields are extracted in Java before this is called, and passed in as a multimap (a map, some of whose values are maps).Source
jpl_set/3sets the Fspec-th field of (class or object) X to value V iff it is assignable.Source
jpl_set_default_jvm_opts/1Replaces the default JVM initialisation options with those supplied.Source
jpl_set_element/2Set must be a JPL reference to an object which implements the java.util.Set interface.Source
jpl_terms_to_array/2Terms should be a proper Prolog list of arbitrary terms.Source
jpl_true/1X is @(true), the JPL representation of the Java boolean value 'true'.Source
jpl_type_to_class/2Type is the JPL type, a ground term designating a class or an array type.Source
jpl_type_to_classname/2This is a wrapper around jpl_type_to_entityname/2 to keep the old exported predicate alive.Source
jpl_type_to_entityname/2This is the converse of jpl_entityname_to_type/2.Source
jpl_void/1X is @(void), the JPL representation of the pseudo Java value 'void'.Source
lazy_lists.pl  -- Lazy list handlingShow source
lazy_engine_next/4Lazy list iterator for engines.Source
lazy_findall/3True when List is a lazy list containing the instantiations for Template for each answer of Goal.Source
lazy_findall/4True when List is a lazy list containing the instantiations for Template for each answer of Goal.Source
lazy_get_codes/4Lazy list iterator to get character codes from a stream.Source
lazy_list/2Create a lazy list from a callback.Source
lazy_list/3Create a lazy list where the next element is defined by.Source
lazy_list_iterator/4Directive to create a lazy list iterator from a predicate that gets a single next value.Source
lazy_list_length/2True if Len is the length of the materialized lazy list.Source
lazy_list_materialize/1Materialize the lazy list.Source
lazy_message_queue/4Lazy list iterator for message queues.Source
lazy_read_lines/4Lazy list iterator to read lines from Stream.Source
lazy_read_terms/4Turn a stream into a lazy list of Prolog terms.Source
listing.pl  -- List programs and pretty print clausesShow source
lists.pl  -- List ManipulationShow source
append/2Concatenate a list of lists.Source
append/3List1AndList2 is the concatenation of List1 and List2.Source
clumped/2Pairs is a list of Item-Count pairs that represents the run length encoding of Items.Source
delete/3Delete matching elements from a list.Source
flatten/2Is true if FlatList is a non-nested version of NestedList.Source
intersection/3True if Set3 unifies with the intersection of Set1 and Set2.Source
is_set/1True if Set is a proper list without duplicates.Source
last/2Succeeds when Last is the last element of List.Source
list_to_set/2True when Set has the same elements as List in the same order.Source
max_list/2True if Max is the largest number in List.Source
max_member/2True when Max is the largest member in the standard order of terms.Source
max_member/3True when Max is the largest member according to Pred, which must be a 2-argument callable that behaves like (@=<)/2.Source
member/2True if Elem is a member of List.Source
min_list/2True if Min is the smallest number in List.Source
min_member/2True when Min is the smallest member in the standard order of terms.Source
min_member/3True when Min is the smallest member according to Pred, which must be a 2-argument callable that behaves like (@=<)/2.Source
nextto/3True if Y directly follows X in List.Source
nth0/3True when Elem is the Index'th element of List.Source
nth0/4Select/insert element at index.Source
nth1/3Is true when Elem is the Index'th element of List.Source
nth1/4As nth0/4, but counting starts at 1.Source
numlist/3List is a list [Low, Low+1, ... High].Source
permutation/2True when Xs is a permutation of Ys.Source
prefix/2True iff Part is a leading substring of Whole.Source
proper_length/2True when Length is the number of elements in the proper list List.Source
reverse/2Is true when the elements of List2 are in reverse order compared to List1.Source
same_length/2Is true when List1 and List2 are lists with the same number of elements.Source
select/3Is true when List1, with Elem removed, results in List2.Source
select/4Select from two lists at the same position.Source
selectchk/3Semi-deterministic removal of first element in List that unifies with Elem.Source
selectchk/4Semi-deterministic version of select/4.Source
subseq/3Is true when SubList contains a subset of the elements of List in the same order and Complement contains all elements of List not in SubList, also in the order they appear in List.Source
subset/2True if all elements of SubSet belong to Set as well.Source
subtract/3Delete all elements in Delete from Set.Source
sum_list/2Sum is the result of adding all numbers in List.Source
union/3True if Set3 unifies with the union of the lists Set1 and Set2.Source
main.pl  -- Provide entry point for scriptsShow source
argv_options/3Parse command line arguments.Source
argv_options/4As argv_options/3 in guided mode, Currently this version allows parsing argument options throwing an exception rather than calling halt/1 by passing an empty list to ParseOptions.Source
argv_usage/1Use print_message/2 to print a usage message at Level.Source
cli_debug_opt_help/2Implements opt_type/3, opt_help/2 and opt_meta/2 for debug arguments.Source
cli_debug_opt_meta/2Implements opt_type/3, opt_help/2 and opt_meta/2 for debug arguments.Source
cli_debug_opt_type/3Implements opt_type/3, opt_help/2 and opt_meta/2 for debug arguments.Source
cli_enable_development_system/0Re-enable the development environment.Source
cli_parse_debug_options/2Parse certain commandline options for debugging and development purposes.Source
main/0Call main/1 using the passed command-line arguments.Source
make.pl  -- Reload modified source filesShow source
mallocinfo.pl  -- Memory allocation detailsShow source
md5.pl  -- MD5 hashesShow source
memfile.plShow source
modules.pl  -- Module utility predicatesShow source
mqi.plShow source
mqi_start/0Main entry point for running the Machine Query Interface in "Embedded Mode" and designed to be called from the command line.Source
mqi_start/1Starts a Prolog Machine Query Interface ('MQI') using Options.Source
mqi_stop/1If Server_Thread_ID is a variable, stops all Machine Query Interfaces and associated threads.Source
mqi_version/2Provides the major and minor version number of the protocol used by the MQI.Source
nb_rbtrees.pl  -- Non-backtrackable operations on red black treesShow source
nb_set.pl  -- Non-backtrackable setsShow source
obfuscate.pl  -- Code obfuscatingShow source
occurs.pl  -- Finding and counting sub-termsShow source
odbc.plShow source
odbc_current_connection/2True if Conn is an open ODBC connection to DSN.Source
odbc_current_table/2Enumerate the existing tables.Source
odbc_data_source/2Enumerate the available data-sources.Source
odbc_driver_connect/3Connects to a database using SQLDriverConnect().Source
odbc_query/2Execute SQL-statement that does not produce a result.Source
odbc_query/3Run query without options.Source
odbc_table_column/3True if Column appears in Table on Connection.Source
odbc_table_foreign_key/5Enumerate foreign keys columns.Source
odbc_table_primary_key/3Enumerate columns in primary key for table.Source
operators.pl  -- Manage operatorsShow source
option.pl  -- Option list processingShow source
optparse.pl  -- command line parsingShow source
opt_arguments/3Extract commandline options according to a specification.Source
opt_help/2True when Help is a help string synthesized from OptsSpec.Source
opt_parse/4Equivalent to opt_parse(OptsSpec, ApplArgs, Opts, PositionalArgs, []).Source
opt_parse/5Parse the arguments Args (as list of atoms) according to OptsSpec.Source
parse_type/3Hook to parse option text Codes to an object of type Type.Source
ordsets.pl  -- Ordered set manipulationShow source
is_ordset/1True if Term is an ordered set.Source
list_to_ord_set/2Transform a list into an ordered set.Source
ord_add_element/3Insert an element into the set.Source
ord_del_element/3Delete an element from an ordered set.Source
ord_disjoint/2True if Set1 and Set2 have no common elements.Source
ord_empty/1True when List is the empty ordered set.Source
ord_intersect/2True if both ordered sets have a non-empty intersection.Source
ord_intersect/3Intersection holds the common elements of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_intersection/2Intersection of a powerset.Source
ord_intersection/3Intersection holds the common elements of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_intersection/4Intersection and difference between two ordered sets.Source
ord_memberchk/2True if Element is a member of OrdSet, compared using ==.Source
ord_selectchk/3Selectchk/3, specialised for ordered sets.Source
ord_seteq/2True if Set1 and Set2 have the same elements.Source
ord_subset/2Is true if all elements of Sub are in Super.Source
ord_subtract/3Diff is the set holding all elements of InOSet that are not in NotInOSet.Source
ord_symdiff/3Is true when Difference is the symmetric difference of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_union/2True if Union is the union of all elements in the superset SetOfSets.Source
ord_union/3Union is the union of Set1 and Set2.Source
ord_union/4True iff ord_union(Set1, Set2, Union) and ord_subtract(Set2, Set1, New).Source
oset.pl  -- Ordered set manipulationShow source
pairs.pl  -- Operations on key-value listsShow source
group_pairs_by_key/2Group values with equivalent (==/2) consecutive keys.Source
map_list_to_pairs/3Create a Key-Value list by mapping each element of List.Source
pairs_keys/2Remove the values from a list of Key-Value pairs.Source
pairs_keys_values/3True if Keys holds the keys of Pairs and Values the values.Source
pairs_values/2Remove the keys from a list of Key-Value pairs.Source
transpose_pairs/2Swap Key-Value to Value-Key.Source
paxos.pl  -- A Replicated Data StoreShow source
paxos_get/1Equivalent to paxos_key(Term,Key), pasox_get(Key,Term).Source
paxos_get/2unifies Term with the entry retrieved from the Paxon's ledger.Source
paxos_get/3unifies Term with the entry retrieved from the Paxon's ledger.Source
paxos_initialize/1Initialize this Prolog process as a paxos node.Source
paxos_ledger_hook/5Hook called for all operations on the ledger.Source
paxos_on_change/2Executes the specified Goal when Key changes.Source
paxos_on_change/3Executes the specified Goal when Key changes.Source
paxos_property/1True if Property is a current property for the paxos network.Source
paxos_quorum_ask/4Ask the paxos forum for their opinion.Source
paxos_replicate_key/3Replicate a Key to Nodes.Source
paxos_set/1Equivalent to paxos_key(Term,Key), pasox_set(Key,Term).Source
paxos_set/2negotiates to have Key-Value recorded in the ledger for each of the quorum's members.Source
paxos_set/3negotiates to have Key-Value recorded in the ledger for each of the quorum's members.Source
pcre.pl  -- Perl compatible regular expression matching for SWI-PrologShow source
pdt_console.plShow source
pdt_install_console/0Support get_single_char/1 in PDT console.Source
pengines.pl  -- Pengines: Web Logic Programming Made EasyShow source
pengines_io.pl  -- Provide Prolog I/O for HTML clientsShow source
pengines_sandbox.pl  -- Declare Pengine interaction sandbox-safeShow source
persistency.pl  -- Provide persistent dynamic predicatesShow source
pio.pl  -- Pure I/OShow source
pldoc.pl  -- Process source documentationShow source
plunit.pl  -- Unit TestingShow source
begin_tests/1Start a test-unit.Source
begin_tests/2Start a test-unit.Source
current_test/5True when a test with the specified properties is loaded.Source
current_test_unit/2True when a Unit is a current unit test declared with Options.Source
end_tests/1Close a unit-test module.Source
load_test_files/1Load .plt test-files related to loaded source-files.Source
run_tests/0Run tests and report about the results.Source
run_tests/1Run tests and report about the results.Source
run_tests/2Run tests and report about the results.Source
running_tests/0Print the currently running test.Source
set_test_options/1Specifies how to deal with test suites.Source
test_report/1Produce reports on test results after the run.Source
message_hook/3Redefine printing some messages.Source
porter_stem.plShow source
portray_text.pl  -- Portray textShow source
is_text_code/1Multifile hook that can be used to extend the set of character codes that is recognised as likely text.Source
portray_text/1Switch portraying on or off.Source
set_portray_text/2Set options for portraying.Source
set_portray_text/3Set options for portraying.Source
pprint.pl  -- Pretty Print Prolog termsShow source
print_term/2Pretty print a Prolog term.Source
predicate_options.pl  -- Access and analyse predicate optionsShow source
process.pl  -- Create processes and redirect I/OShow source
is_process/1True if PID might be a process.Source
process_create/3Create a new process running the file Exe and using arguments from the given list.Source
process_group_kill/1Send signal to the group containing process PID.Source
process_group_kill/2Send signal to the group containing process PID.Source
process_id/1True if PID is the process id of the running Prolog process.Source
process_id/2PID is the process id of Process.Source
process_kill/1Send signal to process PID.Source
process_kill/2Send signal to process PID.Source
process_release/1Release process handle.Source
process_set_method/1Determine how the process is created on Unix systems.Source
process_wait/2True if PID completed with Status.Source
process_wait/3True if PID completed with Status.Source
prolog_autoload.pl  -- Autoload all dependenciesShow source
prolog_breakpoints.pl  -- Manage Prolog break-pointsShow source
prolog_clause.pl  -- Get detailed source-information about a clauseShow source
prolog_code.pl  -- Utilities for reasoning about codeShow source
prolog_codewalk.pl  -- Prolog code walkerShow source
prolog_colour.pl  -- Prolog syntax colouring support.Show source
prolog_config.pl  -- Provide configuration informationShow source
prolog_debug.pl  -- User level debugging toolsShow source
debug_control_hook/1Allow user-hooks in the Prolog debugger interaction.Source
debugging/0Report current status of the debugger.Source
debugging_hook/0Multifile hook that is called as forall(debugging_hook, true) and that may be used to extend the information printed from other debugging libraries.Source
nospy/1Set/clear spy-points.Source
nospyall/0Set/clear spy-points.Source
notrap/1Install a trap on error(Formal, Context) exceptions that unify.Source
spy/1Set/clear spy-points.Source
trap/1Install a trap on error(Formal, Context) exceptions that unify.Source
trap_alias/2Define short hands for commonly used exceptions.Source
prolog_deps.pl  -- Compute file dependenciesShow source
prolog_format.pl  -- Analyse format specificationsShow source
prolog_history.pl  -- Per-directory persistent commandline historyShow source
prolog_install.pl  -- Installation support predicatesShow source
prolog_jiti.pl  -- Just In Time Indexing (JITI) utilitiesShow source
prolog_metainference.pl  -- Infer meta-predicate propertiesShow source
prolog_pack.pl  -- A package manager for PrologShow source
atom_version/2Translate between atomic version representation and term representation.Source
pack_attach/2Attach a single package in Dir.Source
pack_info/1Print more detailed information about Pack.Source
pack_install/1Install a package.Source
pack_install/2Install package Name.Source
pack_list/1Query package server and installed packages and display results.Source
pack_list_installed/0List currently installed packages.Source
pack_property/2True when Property is a property of an installed Pack.Source
pack_rebuild/0Rebuild foreign components of all packages.Source
pack_rebuild/1Rebuilt possible foreign components of Pack.Source
pack_remove/1Remove the indicated package.Source
pack_search/1Query package server and installed packages and display results.Source
pack_upgrade/1Try to upgrade the package Pack.Source
pack_url_file/2True if File is a unique id for the referenced pack and version.Source
ssl_verify/5Currently we accept all certificates.Source
prolog_profile.pl  -- Execution profilerShow source
prolog_server.plShow source
prolog_source.pl  -- Examine Prolog source-filesShow source
quasi_quotation_syntax/2True when the quasi quotation syntax Syntax can be loaded from Library.Source
xref_close_source/2Called by prolog_close_source/1 to close a source previously opened by the hook prolog:xref_open_source/2.
xref_open_source/2Hook to open an xref SourceID.Source
directory_source_files/3True when Files is a sorted list of Prolog source files in Dir.Source
file_alias_path/2True if file Alias points to Dir.Source
file_name_on_path/2True if OnPath a description of File based on the file search path.Source
load_quasi_quotation_syntax/2Import quasi quotation syntax Syntax from Path into the module specified by the first argument.Source
path_segments_atom/2Translate between a path represented as a/b/c and an atom representing the same path.Source
prolog_canonical_source/2Given a user-specification of a source, generate a unique and indexable identifier for it.Source
prolog_close_source/1Close a stream opened using prolog_open_source/2.Source
prolog_open_source/2Open source with given canonical id (see prolog_canonical_source/2) and remove the #!Source
prolog_read_source_term/4Read a term from a Prolog source-file.Source
read_source_term_at_location/3Try to read a Prolog term form an arbitrary location inside a file.Source
requires_library/2known expansion hooks.Source
valid_term_position/2Check that a Term has an appropriate TermPos layout.Source
prolog_stack.pl  -- Examine the Prolog stackShow source
prolog_stream.pl  -- A stream with Prolog callbacksShow source
prolog_trace.pl  -- Print access to predicatesShow source
prolog_versions.pl  -- Demand specific Prolog versionsShow source
prolog_wrap.pl  -- Wrapping predicatesShow source
prolog_xref.pl  -- Prolog cross-referencer data collectionShow source
protobufs.pl  -- Google's Protocol Buffers ("protobufs")Show source
pure_input.pl  -- Pure Input from files and streamsShow source
lazy_list_character_count/3True when CharCount is the current character count in the Lazy list.Source
lazy_list_location/3Determine current (error) location in a lazy list.Source
phrase_from_file/2Process the content of File using the DCG rule Grammar.Source
phrase_from_file/3As phrase_from_file/2, providing additional Options.Source
phrase_from_stream/2Run Grammer against the character codes on Stream.Source
stream_to_lazy_list/2Create a lazy list representing the character codes in Stream.Source
syntax_error/3Throw the syntax error Error at the current location of the input.Source
pwp.pl  -- Prolog Well-formed PagesShow source
qpforeign.pl  -- Quintus compatible foreign loaderShow source
qsave.pl  -- Save current program as a state or executableShow source
arch_shlib/3This is a user defined hook called by qsave_program/2.Source
qsave_program/1Make a saved state in file `File'.Source
qsave_program/2Make a saved state in file `File'.Source
qsave_toplevel/0Called to handle `-c file` compilaton.Source
quasi_quotations.pl  -- Define Quasi Quotation syntaxShow source
quintus.pl  -- Quintus compatibilityShow source
random.pl  -- Random numbersShow source
getrand/1Query/set the state of the random generator.Source
maybe/0Succeed/fail with equal probability (variant of maybe/1).Source
maybe/1Succeed with probability P, fail with probability 1-P.Source
maybe/2Succeed with probability K/N (variant of maybe/1).Source
random/1Binds R to a new random float in the open interval (0.0,1.0).Source
random/3Generate a random integer or float in a range.Source
random_between/3Binds R to a random integer in [L,U] (i.e., including both L and U).Source
random_member/2X is a random member of List.Source
random_numlist/4Unify List with an ascending list of integers between L and U (inclusive).Source
random_perm2/4Does X=A,Y=B or X=B,Y=A with equal probability.Source
random_permutation/2Permutation is a random permutation of List.Source
random_select/3Randomly select or insert an element.Source
random_subseq/3Selects a random subsequence Subseq of List, with Complement containing all elements of List that were not selected.Source
randseq/3S is a list of K unique random integers in the range 1..N.Source
randset/3S is a sorted list of K unique random integers in the range 1..N.Source
setrand/1Query/set the state of the random generator.Source
rbtrees.pl  -- Red black treesShow source
rdf.pl  -- RDF/XML parserShow source
rdf_diagram.pl  -- Show graphical representation of a set of triplesShow source
rdf_diagram_from_file/1Show the triples from File in a window.Source
rdf_parser.plShow source
element_to_plrdf/3Rewrite a single XML element.Source
rdf_name_space/1True if URL must be handled as rdf: Determines special handling of rdf:about, rdf:resource, etc.Source
xml_to_plrdf/3Translate an XML (using namespaces) term into an Prolog term representing the RDF data.Source
rdf_triple.pl  -- Create triples from intermediate representationShow source
rdf_write.pl  -- Write RDF/XML from a list of triplesShow source
rdf_write_xml/2Write an RDF/XML serialization of Triples to Out.Source
readline.pl  -- GNU readline interfaceShow source
readln.pl  -- Read line as list of tokensShow source
readutil.pl  -- Read utilitiesShow source
record.pl  -- Access compound arguments by nameShow source
redis.pl  -- Redis clientShow source
redis_streams.pl  -- Using Redis streamsShow source
xadd/4Add a message to a the stream Key on Redis.Source
xconsumer_stop/1May be called from a consumer listener to stop the consumer.Source
xhook/2This multifile predicate is called on certain stream events.Source
xlisten/3Listen using XREAD on one or more Streams on the server Redis.Source
xlisten_group/5Listen as Consumer to Group.Source
xstream_set/3Set an option on for Key on Redis.Source
rewrite_term.plShow source
rlimit.plShow source
sandbox.pl  -- Sandboxed Prolog codeShow source
sandbox_allowed_directive/1Throws an exception if G is not considered a safe directive.Source
sandbox_allowed_expansion/1Throws an exception if G is not considered a safe expansion goal.Source
sandbox_allowed_goal/1Throw an exception if it is not safe to call G.Source
format_calls/3Find ~@ calls from Format and Args.Source
safe_call/1Call Goal if it complies with the sandboxing rules.Source
safe_directive/1Hook to declare additional directives as safe.Source
safe_global_variable/1Declare the given global variable safe to write to.Source
safe_goal/1True if calling Goal provides no security risc.Source
safe_primitive/1True if Goal is safe to call (i.e., cannot access dangerous system-resources and cannot upset other parts of the Prolog process).Source
safe_prolog_flag/2True if it is safe to set the flag Flag to Value.Source
settings.pl  -- Setting managementShow source
sgml.pl  -- SGML, XML and HTML parserShow source
dtd/2DTD is a DTD object created from the file dtd(Type).Source
load_dtd/3Load DtdFile into a DTD.Source
load_html/3Load HTML text from Input and unify the resulting DOM structure with DOM.Source
load_html_file/2Load HTML from File and unify the resulting DOM structure with DOM.Source
load_sgml/3Load SGML text from Input and unify the resulting DOM structure with DOM.Source
load_sgml_file/2Load SGML from File and unify the resulting DOM structure with DOM.Source
load_structure/3Parse Source and return the resulting structure in ListOfContent.Source
load_xml/3Load XML text from Input and unify the resulting DOM structure with DOM.Source
load_xml_file/2Load XML from File and unify the resulting DOM structure with DOM.Source
xml_basechar/1XML character classification predicates.Source
xml_combining_char/1XML character classification predicates.Source
xml_digit/1XML character classification predicates.Source
xml_extender/1XML character classification predicates.Source
xml_ideographic/1XML character classification predicates.Source
xml_is_dom/1True if term statisfies the structure as returned by load_structure/3 and friends.Source
xml_name/1True if Atom is a valid XML name.Source
xml_quote_attribute/2Backward compatibility for versions that allow to specify encoding.Source
xml_quote_cdata/2Backward compatibility for versions that allow to specify encoding.Source
sgml_write.pl  -- XML/SGML writer moduleShow source
sha.pl  -- SHA secure hashesShow source
shell.pl  -- Elementary shell commandsShow source
cd/0Change working directory.Source
cd/1Change working directory.Source
dirs/0Manage the directory stack:.Source
ls/0Listing similar to Unix =ls -F=, flagging directories with =/=.Source
ls/1Listing similar to Unix =ls -F=, flagging directories with =/=.Source
mv/2Move (Rename) a file.Source
popd/0Manage the directory stack:.Source
pushd/0Manage the directory stack:.Source
pushd/1Manage the directory stack:.Source
pwd/0Print current working directory.Source
rm/1Remove (unlink) a file.Source
shell/0Execute an interactive shell.Source
shlib.pl  -- Utility library for loading foreign objects (DLLs, shared objects)Show source
snowball.pl  -- The Snowball multi-lingual stemmer libraryShow source
socket.pl  -- Network socket (TCP and UDP) libraryShow source
solution_sequences.pl  -- Modify solution sequencesShow source
sort.plShow source
ssl.pl  -- Secure Socket Layer (SSL) libraryShow source
statistics.pl  -- Get information about resource usageShow source
stomp.pl  -- STOMP client.Show source
streaminfo.plShow source
stream_info/1Print detailed information about a stream or a file-number to the error output.Source
streampool.pl  -- Input multiplexingShow source
streams.pl  -- Manage Prolog streamsShow source
strings.pl  -- String utilitiesShow source
dedent_lines/3Remove shared indentation for all lines in a string.Source
indent_lines/3Add Prefix to the beginning of lines in In.Source
indent_lines/4Similar to indent_lines/3, but only adds Prefix to lines for which call(Filter, Line) succeeds.Source
interpolate_string/4Establish a string from a template by replacing patterns.Source
string/4Implements the quasi quotation syntax string.Source
string_lines/2True when String represents Lines.Source
syslog.pl  -- Unix syslog interfaceShow source
system.pl  -- System utilitiesShow source
table.plShow source
tables.pl  -- XSB interface to tablesShow source
term_to_json.plShow source
terms.pl  -- Term manipulationShow source
test_cover.pl  -- Clause coverage analysisShow source
thread.pl  -- High level thread primitivesShow source
call_in_thread/2Run Goal as an interrupt in the context of Thread.Source
concurrent/3Run Goals in parallel using N threads.Source
concurrent_and/2Concurrent version of (Generator,Test).Source
concurrent_and/3Concurrent version of (Generator,Test).Source
concurrent_forall/2True when Action is true for all solutions of Generate.Source
concurrent_forall/3True when Action is true for all solutions of Generate.Source
concurrent_maplist/2Concurrent version of maplist/2.Source
concurrent_maplist/3Concurrent version of maplist/2.Source
concurrent_maplist/4Concurrent version of maplist/2.Source
first_solution/3Try alternative solvers concurrently, returning the first answer.Source
thread_pool.pl  -- Resource bounded thread managementShow source
threadutil.pl  -- Interactive thread utilitiesShow source
attach_console/0Create a new console and make the standard Prolog streams point to it.Source
attach_console/1Create a new console and make the standard Prolog streams point to it.Source
interactor/0Run a Prolog toplevel in another thread with a new console window.Source
interactor/1Run a Prolog toplevel in another thread with a new console window.Source
join_threads/0Join all terminated threads.Source
tbacktrace/1Print a backtrace for Thread to the stream user_error of the calling thread.Source
tbacktrace/2Print a backtrace for Thread to the stream user_error of the calling thread.Source
tdebug/0Enable debug-mode, trapping the graphical debugger on reaching spy-points or errors.Source
tdebug/1Enable debug-mode, trapping the graphical debugger on reaching spy-points or errors.Source
thread_has_console/0True when the calling thread has an attached console.Source
thread_run_interactor/0Attach a console and run a Prolog toplevel in the current thread.Source
threads/0List currently known threads with their status.Source
tnodebug/0Disable debug-mode in all threads or the specified Thread.Source
tnodebug/1Disable debug-mode in all threads or the specified Thread.Source
tprofile/1Profile the operation of Thread until the user hits a key.Source
tspy/1Trap the graphical debugger on reaching Spec in the specified or any thread.Source
tspy/2Trap the graphical debugger on reaching Spec in the specified or any thread.Source
xterm_args/1Multifile and dynamic hook that provides (additional) arguments for the xterm(1) process opened for additional thread consoles.Source
time.pl  -- Time and alarm libraryShow source
tty.pl  -- Terminal operationsShow source
menu/3Show a menu.Source
tty_clear/0Clear the display.Source
tty_flash/0Give visual signal if possible, otherwise beep.Source
udp_broadcast.pl  -- A UDP broadcast proxyShow source
ugraphs.pl  -- Graph manipulation libraryShow source
add_edges/3Unify NewGraph with a new graph obtained by adding the list of Edges to Graph.Source
add_vertices/3Unify NewGraph with a new graph obtained by adding the list of Vertices to Graph.Source
complement/2UGraphOut is a ugraph with an edge between all vertices that are not connected in UGraphIn and all edges from UGraphIn removed.Source
compose/3Compose NewGraph by connecting the drains of LeftGraph to the sources of RightGraph.Source
connect_ugraph/3Adds Start as an additional vertex that is connected to all vertices in UGraphIn.Source
del_edges/3Unify NewGraph with a new graph obtained by removing the list of Edges from Graph.Source
del_vertices/3Unify NewGraph with a new graph obtained by deleting the list of Vertices and all the edges that start from or go to a vertex in Vertices to the Graph.Source
edges/2Unify Edges with all edges appearing in Graph.Source
neighbors/3Neigbours is a sorted list of the neighbours of Vertex in Graph.Source
neighbours/3Neigbours is a sorted list of the neighbours of Vertex in Graph.Source
reachable/3True when Vertices is an ordered set of vertices reachable in UGraph, including Vertex.Source
top_sort/2Sort vertices topologically.Source
transitive_closure/2Generate the graph Closure as the transitive closure of Graph.Source
transpose_ugraph/2Unify NewGraph with a new graph obtained from Graph by replacing all edges of the form V1-V2 by edges of the form V2-V1.Source
ugraph_layers/2Sort vertices topologically.Source
ugraph_union/3NewGraph is the union of Graph1 and Graph2.Source
vertices/2Unify Vertices with all vertices appearing in Graph.Source
vertices_edges_to_ugraph/3Create a UGraph from Vertices and edges.Source
uid.pl  -- User and group management on Unix systemsShow source
unicode.pl  -- Unicode string handlingShow source
unix.pl  -- Unix specific operationsShow source
detach_IO/0Detach I/O similar to detach_IO/1.Source
detach_IO/1This predicate is intended to create Unix deamon processes.Source
dup/2Interface to Unix dup2(), copying the underlying filedescriptor and thus making both streams point to the same underlying object.Source
exec/1Replace the running program by starting Command.Source
fork/1Clone the current process into two branches.Source
fork_exec/1Fork (as fork/1) and exec (using exec/1) the child immediately.Source
kill/2Deliver a software interrupt to the process with identifier Pid using software-interrupt number Signal.Source
pipe/2Create a communication-pipe.Source
prctl/1Access to Linux process control operations.Source
sysconf/1Access system configuration.Source
wait/2Wait for a child to change status.Source
uri.pl  -- Process URIsShow source
url.pl  -- Analysing and constructing URLShow source
utf8.pl  -- UTF-8 encoding/decoding on lists of character codes.Show source
utf8_codes/3DCG translating between a Unicode code-list and its UTF-8 encoded byte-string.Source
uuid.pl  -- Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) LibraryShow source
varnumbers.pl  -- Utilities for numbered termsShow source
vm.pl  -- SWI-Prolog Virtual Machine utilitiesShow source
clause_vm/2True when VM is the virtual machine code of ClauseRef.Source
vm_list/1Lists the definition of the predicates matching Spec to current_output.Source
vmi_labels/2Translated between a raw and a labeled representation for a VMI sequence as produced by clause_vm/2.Source
wfs.pl  -- Well Founded Semantics interfaceShow source
answer_residual/2True when Goal resolves to a tabled predicate and Residual is the residual goal associated with an answer for Goal.Source
call_delays/2True when Goal is true with Delays.Source
call_residual_program/2Call Goal and return the full residual program as a list of Clauses.Source
delays_residual_program/2Given a delay as returned by call_delays/2, produce a set of clauses the represents the complete residual program responsible for these delays, The program contains at least one loop through tnot/1 and is either inconsistent or has multiple models according to the stable model semantics.Source
when.pl  -- Conditional coroutiningShow source
when/2Execute Goal when Condition is satisfied.Source
win_menu.pl  -- Console window menuShow source
writef.pl  -- Old-style formatted writeShow source
www_browser.pl  -- Open a URL in the users browserShow source
xmlenc.pl  -- XML encryption libraryShow source
xpath.pl  -- Select nodes in an XML DOMShow source
xsdp_types.pl  -- XML-Schema primitive typesShow source
yall.pl  -- Lambda expressionsShow source
yaml.pl  -- Process YAML dataShow source
zip.pl  -- Access resource ZIP archivesShow source
with_zipper/2Run Goal while holding ownership over Zipper.Source
zip_close/1Close a zipper.Source
zip_close/2Close a zipper.Source
zip_open/4Create a Zipper, providing access to File.Source
zipper_file_info/3Obtain information about the current zip entry.Source
zipper_goto/2Seek Zipper to a specified entry.
zipper_members/2True when Members is the list of file names in the Zipper.Source
zipper_open_current/3Open the current entry as an input stream.
zlib.pl  -- Zlib wrapper for SWI-PrologShow source
encoding_filter/3Act as plugin for library(http/http_open) for processing content with Content-encoding: gzip.Source
gzopen/3Open a file compatible with the gzip program.Source
gzopen/4Open a file compatible with the gzip program.Source