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ctypes.pl -- Character code classification
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This file implements the functionality of the corresponding Quintus library based on SWI-Prolog's code_type/2 predicate. Please check the documentation of this predicate to find the definitions of the classes.

See also
- code_type/2
- char_type/2
Source is_paren(?Open, ?Close) is semidet
True if Open is the open-parenthesis of Close.
Source to_lower(+U, -L) is det
Downcase a character code. If U is the character code of an uppercase character, unify L with the character code of the lowercase version. Else unify L with U.
Source to_upper(+L, -U) is det
Upcase a character code. If L is the character code of a lowercase character, unify L with the character code of the uppercase version. Else unify U with L.
Source upper_lower(?U, ?L) is det
True when U is the character code of an uppercase character and L is the character code of the corresponding lowercase character.
Source is_digit(+C, +Base, -Weight) is det
is_digit(-C, +Base, +Weight) is det
Succeeds if `C' is a digit using `Base' as base and `Weight' represents its value. Only the base-10 case is handled by code_type.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source is_upper(Arg1)
Source is_white(Arg1)
Source is_print(Arg1)
Source is_punct(Arg1)
Source is_quote(Arg1)
Source is_space(Arg1)
Source is_newline(Arg1)
Source is_newpage(Arg1)
Source is_period(Arg1)
Source is_endfile(Arg1)
Source is_endline(Arg1)
Source is_graph(Arg1)
Source is_lower(Arg1)
Source is_csym(Arg1)
Source is_csymf(Arg1)
Source is_digit(Arg1)
Source is_alnum(Arg1)
Source is_alpha(Arg1)
Source is_ascii(Arg1)
Source is_cntrl(Arg1)