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Where is the community?

Getting help, asking questions, solving problems

There are several places you can get help or ask questions about SWI-Prolog or Prolog programming in general.

It usually takes about one day for a volunteer to reply to your question. We appreciate your patience.

Forum and mailing list

The forum and mailing list for SWI-Prolog is kindly hosted by Discourse. This list is used for announcements as well as questions and discussion among users. On average, traffic is 5-10 messages per day. Details:

  • The forum can be viewed here
  • It provides local accounts and login with GitHub. Other login with options will follow.
  • Please read this topic if you want to access the forum primarily through email.

Old mailing lists

  • Before moving to Discourse (Feb 4, 2018), SWI-Prolog discussion was hosted as a Google group.
  • Before being moved to a Google group (May 1, 2014), the mailing list was kindly hosted by the University of Bonn. The archives of this list are still available here.

Tip: include SWIPL to search the mailinglist archives.

Related mailinglists

Other places