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Publications about SWI-Prolog

This used to be Jan Wielemaker's publication list about SWI-Prolog. The time has come to add publications by others that target SWI-Prolog. Publications on this page should either explain some part of SWI-Prolog or explain how the system can be/has been used effectively.

If you use SWI-Prolog and write academic publications, please consider citing one of these papers. The star.gif-ed TPLP paper SWI-Prolog is the preferred `general purpose reference' BibTeX.

Jan Wielemaker's PhD thesis, titled Logic programming for knowledge-intensive interactive applications (4.4MB) contains revised versions of most of the above papers supplemented with a broader overview of applying Prolog for the development of large-scale applications. BibTeX

Invited Talks

SWI-Prolog's origin

SWI-Prolog 0.0.0 was based on A Portable Prolog Compiler by D.L. Bowen, L.H. Byrd and W.F. Clocksin.

Papers using SWI-Prolog