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SWI-Prolog downloads

Available download channels

The development version is released roughly every two to four weeks. It is typically robust, provides the latest features and possible issues are resolved quickly. This is the recommended version for most users.

The stable release is infrequently updated. After an update, the stable version receives only critical patches that are extremely unlikely to break source or binary compatibility. The stable versions are intended for deploying systems or other use cases that require a fully predictable installation.

The daily releases for Windows allow users of the Windows version to get access to the latest features or bug fixes. Users of other platforms that want or need to stay this close to the daily development are requested to use the GIT sources.

The GIT repository swipl-devel.git provides up-to-date access to the sources. Using the GIT repository is recommended if you want to stay up to date and expecially if you plan to develop C/C++ resources for SWI-Prolog. See the build instructions.

Announcements and get the "latest" version

New releases are announced on Discourse.

Scripts that wish information on the latest version can run an HTTP GET on https://github.com/SWI-Prolog/download/devel/swipl-latest.tar.gz (development channel) or https://github.com/SWI-Prolog/download/stable/swipl-latest.tar.gz (stable channel). These URLs reply with an HTTP redirect to the latest release tar archives.

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