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SWI-Prolog Wiki facilities

The underlying data structure of this website consists mostly of PlDoc Wiki documentation pages. The PlDoc wiki format is largely based on the markdown dialect used by Doxygen. Since Mar 2, 2011, these pages can be edited through a web interface. Editing is still quite immature. This page describes the process.

To edit the wiki pages, you need to login to the site using your Google, Yahoo or other OpenID account. Please use the login link in the bottom-right corner of each page or the WIKI/LOGIN menu. Next, you can ask for permission to edit the wiki pages using this link.

After being granted permission to edit the wiki pages, use the WIKI/EDIT THIS PAGE menu to open a page in edit mode. Make your changes, add a commit summary message and optionally a more extensive comment. Please respect the wiki notation. You can use the sandbox to get used to the wiki notation.

To create a new file, reference a .txt file and click the created link. The link turns red and becomes underlined if the pointer is positioned on the link.

To be done
- Detect possible edit conflicts and resolve them
- Allow attaching a file and updating an attached file
- Allow creating directories