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when.pl -- Conditional coroutining
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This library implements the when/2 constraint, delaying a goal until its arguments are sufficiently instantiated. For example, the following delayes the execution of =:=/2 until the expression is instantiated.

    when(ground(Expr), 0 =:= Expr),
- Tom Schrijvers (initial implementation)
- Jan Wielemaker
Source when(+Condition, :Goal)
Execute Goal when Condition is satisfied. I.e., Goal is executed as by call/1 if Condition is true when when/2 is called. Otherwise Goal is delayed until Condition becomes true. Condition is one of the following:
  • nonvar(X)
  • ground(X)
  • ?=(X,Y)
  • (Cond1,Cond2)
  • (Cond2;Cond2)

For example (note the order a and b are written):

?- when(nonvar(X), writeln(a)), writeln(b), X = x.
X = x