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Prolog files

bim.plShow source
bim_expansion/2goal_expansion rules to emulate YAP behaviour in SWI-Prolog.Source
index/2Index in the given arguments.Source
hprolog.pl  -- hProlog compatibility libraryShow source
ifprolog.pl  -- IF/Prolog compatibility packageShow source
sicstus.pl  -- SICStus 3 compatibility libraryShow source
sicstus4.pl  -- SICStus 4 compatibility libraryShow source
xsb.pl  -- XSB Prolog compatibility layerShow source
yap.pl  -- YAP Compatibility moduleShow source
assert_static/1Assert as static predicate.Source
depth_bound_call/2Equivalent to call_with_depth_limit(Goal, Limit, _Reached).Source
exists/1Equivalent to exists_file(File).Source
gc/0Garbage collect.Source
source/0YAP directive to maintain source-information.Source
system/1Equivalent to shell(Command).Source
yap_expansion/2goal_expansion rules to emulate YAP behaviour in SWI-Prolog.Source
yap_flag/2Map some YAP flags to SWI-Prolog.Source
yap_style_check/1Map YAP style-check options onto the SWI-Prolog ones.Source