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SISCtus compatibility library.

Prolog files

arrays.pl  -- SICStus 3-compatible library(arrays).Show source
block.pl  -- Block: declare suspending predicatesShow source
lists.pl  -- SICStus 3-compatible library(lists).Show source
ordsets.pl  -- SICStus 3 library(ordsets).Show source
sockets.pl  -- SICStus 3-compatible library(sockets).Show source
current_host/1True when Host is an atom that denotes the name of the host.Source
hostname_address/2True when Address is the IP address of Host.Source
socket_select/5The list of streams in Streams is checked for readable characters.Source
system.pl  -- SICStus 3-compatible library(system).Show source
terms.pl  -- SICStus 3-compatible library(terms).Show source
timeout.pl  -- SICStus 3-compatible library(timeout).Show source