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Prologger since 1982.

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wrap_predicate/4An example of using wrap_predicate/4 to compute GCD: ~~~~ :- wrap_predicate(gcd( ...
representation_error/1However, a foreign predicate might have a limitation; or there might be a limita ...
Sec. A.44The code for HTML quasi-quotations is here: https://github.com/SWI-Prolog/packag ...
foreach/2"The implementation executes forall/2 if _Goal_ does not contain any variables t ...
Sec. 4.20The documentation is incorrect for subterm_positions when reading from a termina ...
Sec. 8.1For json_write, json_write_dict, specifying option width(0) can give a 2-3x perf ...
Sec. 8.3=For reply_json and reply_json_dict, the width(0) option gives a big performance improvement (2-3x by my rough measurements).=
sub_atom/5Strip off a prefix, e.g., '/' (from an absolute file name): ~~~~ ?- Str='/abc/de ...
sub_atom/5check that suffix is '.bar': sub_atom('foo.bar', _, _, 0, '.bar'). faster versio ...
show_profile/1You can force a printed output by: ~~~~ unload_file('/usr/lib/swi-prolog/xpce/pr ...
The initialization file is .swiplrc on Unix (see the "-f" option at http://www.s ...
leash/1leash(-all) will give you an exhaustive trace, in effect automatically entering ...
atom_string/2?- atom_string(foo, Z). Z = "foo". ?- atom_string("foo", Z). Z = "foo". ?- atom_ ...
It seems that catch/3 doesn't catch this particular error.
Sec. A.31If a long_option contains '_', parsing fails.

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Goal directed ASP solver
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Reviews by Peter Ludemann

Pack: edcg

This is Peter Van Roy's EDCG package, which he created as an aid for writing the Aquarius compiler. It's invaluable for code that has lots of accumulators or needs custom accumulators (e.g., assoc lists instead of regular lists).

See https://github.com/kamahen/edcg/blob/master/docs/CSD-90-583.pdf or https://www2.eecs.berkeley.edu/Pubs/TechRpts/1990/5471.html for Van Roy's original paper on this.

My biggest complaint is that there's poor editor support for this, but that's a separate topic.

Friday 26 March 2021, Peter Ludemann