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Predicate rdf_load_library/2
 rdf_load_library(+Id) is det
 rdf_load_library(+Id, +Options) is det
Load ontologies from the library. A library must first be attached using rdf_attach_library/1. Defined Options are:
If true (default), also load ontologies that are explicitely imported.
BaseURI used for loading RDF. Local definitions in ontologies overrule this option.
URL from which we claim to have loaded the data.
The system does a pre-check for the existence of all references RDF databases. If Level is error it reports missing databases as an error and fails. If warning it prints them, but continues. If silent, no checks are preformed. Default is error.
Perform the load concurrently using N threads. If not specified, the number is determined by guess_concurrency/2.
If false, to all the preparation, but do not execute the actual loading. See also rdf_list_library/2.