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Re-exported predicates

The following predicates are exported from this file while their implementation is defined in imported modules or non-module files loaded by this module.

Source rdf_read_turtle(+Input, -Triples, +Options)
Read a stream or file into a set of triples or quadruples (if faced with TriG input) of the format
rdf(Subject, Predicate, Object [, Graph])

The representation is consistent with the SWI-Prolog RDF/XML and ntriples parsers. Provided options are:

Initial base URI. Defaults to file://<file> for loading files.
Blank nodes are generated as <Prefix>1, <Prefix>2, etc. If Prefix is not an atom blank nodes are generated as node(1), node(2), ...
One of auto (default), turtle or trig. The auto mode switches to TriG format of there is a { before the first triple. Finally, of the format is explicitly stated as turtle and the file appears to be a TriG file, a warning is printed and the data is loaded while ignoring the graphs.
Officially, Turtle resources are IRIs. Quite a few applications however send URIs. By default we do URI->IRI mapping because this rarely causes errors. To force strictly conforming mode, pass iri.
Return encountered prefix declarations as a list of Alias-URI
Same as prefixes(Pairs). Compatibility to rdf_load/2.
Base URI used for processing the data. Unified to [] if there is no base-uri.
In warning (default), print the error and continue parsing the remainder of the file. If error, abort with an exception on the first error encountered.
If on_error(warning) is active, this option cane be used to retrieve the number of generated errors.
Input- is one of stream(Stream), atom(Atom), a http, https or file url or a filename specification as accepted by absolute_file_name/3.
Source rdf_load_turtle(+Input, -Triples, +Options)
- Use rdf_read_turtle/3
Source rdf_process_turtle(+Input, :OnObject, +Options) is det
Streaming Turtle parser. The predicate rdf_process_turtle/3 processes Turtle data from Input, calling OnObject with a list of triples for every Turtle statement found in Input. OnObject is called as below, where ListOfTriples is a list of rdf(S,P,O) terms for a normal Turtle file or rdf(S,P,O,G) terms if the GRAPH keyword is used to associate a set of triples in the document with a particular graph. The Graph argument provides the default graph for storing the triples and Line is the line number where the statement started.
call(OnObject, ListOfTriples, Graph:Line)

This predicate supports the same Options as rdf_load_turtle/3.

Errors encountered are sent to print_message/2, after which the parser tries to recover and parse the remainder of the data.

See also
- This predicate is normally used by load_rdf/2 for processing RDF data.