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gpp.pl -- Use XSB gpp preprocessor
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This library enables using the XSB gpp preprocessor on .P files. Currently the gpp program is not provided with SWI-Prolog. If you need this compatibility get it from XSB. The XSB sources provide gpp.c, a simple stand alone C file that can be compiled with any C compiler. The gpp program must be installed in a directory accessible through the PATH environment variable. The preprocessor is enabled using

:- use_module(library(dialect/xsb/gpp)).

Running code through gpp can be useful for several reasons:

  • Share (numeric) constants with C code. Note that SWI-Prolog's ffi pack provides an alternative for this.
  • Provide a source translation mechanism that appeals more to e.g., C programmers and can deal with partial Prolog expressions and/or syntax that is illegal to some Prolog implementation.
  • Load legacy XSB programs.

There are also good reasons not to use a preprocessor:

  • gpp doesn't propagate source locations, so error messages typically report the wrong location.
  • If #include file is used it will report the wrong file for errors. In addition, make/0 will not be able to pick up that an included file has changed and thus the main file needs to be reloaded.
  • Wrong source locations also imply tools such as edit/1 or the graphical debugger no longer work.
  • Advanced tooling such as PceEmacs cannot correctly highlight code that uses the preprocessor.
Source prolog:open_source_hook(+Path, -Stream, +Options)[multifile]
Implementation of the open source hook to use the XSB gpp preprocessor on .P files. This requires gpp on the PATH environment variable.
This multifile dynamic hook can be used to specify options for the gpp preprocessor. The default options are
-P -m -nostdinc -DSWI_PROLOG