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SWI-Prolog Changelog from version 8.0.2 to 8.0.3

[Jun 19 2019]

  • SSL: Updated versions for Windows and MacOS

[May 22 2019]

  • ENHANCED: improve performance of asserta/1 when there are lots of erased clauses

[May 21 2019]

  • ENHANCED: do not consider dynamic predicates as dirty until clauses have been retracted

[May 16 2019]

  • ENHANCED: incrementally track dirty clause count to avoid O(N) cost when considering clause GC

[Jun 14 2019]

  • FIXED: Use https to contact the pack server.

[Jun 13 2019]

  • FIXED: do not delete lingering clauses indexes unless they are known to have been lingering at the time clause GC started

[Jun 6 2019]

  • FIXED: Issue#478: is_lambda/1 failed on valid yall lambda expressions. Fix by Paulo Moura.

[Jun 4 2019]

[May 21 2019]

  • FIXED: Offload unregistration of dirty foreign/thread-local predicates to the thread performing clause GC. This ensures that access to DirtyDefInfo structures is no longer racy
  • FIXED: Predicates do not need to be activated when setting a frame's generation as the frame generation is guaranteed to be greater than the current CGC starting generation

[May 20 2019]

  • FIXED: Issue#475: xinteger//1: missing cut and inconsistent handling of negative integers over the two modes.

[May 19 2019]

  • FIXED: Issue#474 (Windows) several issues due to sizeof(wint_t) == 2

[Apr 28 2019]

  • FIXED: possible unneeded fatal stack overflow after an earlier caught overflow.
  • TEST: Broken test after fix to assert to a static predicate.

[Apr 26 2019]

  • PORT: Use `--enable-fat` for building gmp for the Mac Bundle as suggested by Torbj√∂rn Granlund.
  • PORT: Use the self-compiled MacOS dependencies for creating the MacOS bundle.
  • PORT: Added scripts/macos-deps.sh to build the MacOS dependencies from source.

[Apr 25 2019]

  • PORT: Allow MACOSX_DEPENDENCIES_FROM to specify a directory with the dependencies

[Apr 23 2019]

  • PORT: Provide correct LDSOFLAGS for compiling extensions from the MacOS bundle.

[Apr 22 2019]

  • PORT: Set MacOS deployment target to 10.12.

[Apr 21 2019]

  • PORT: MacOS: When running as bundle, report the Frameworks directory of the bundle as the location for the dylibs.

[Apr 20 2019]

  • PORT: On MacOS use cc and `c++` as compilers in swipl-ld. The CMake compiler is a specific version from XCode while we should rely on the general Xcode cli tools.

[Apr 19 2019]

[Apr 8 2019]

  • FIX: fixes a suplus dot in a test

[Jun 18 2019]

  • PORT: various checks and ifdefs for FreeBSD

[Mar 31 2019]

[Mar 30 2019]

  • FIXED: clause_info/2: possible too native unification can lead to incorrect results. Alan Baljeu.

[Mar 28 2019]

  • FIXED: Cleanup of thread-local procedures in temporary modules failed if the localization was only effectuated in a high thread id. This patch refines 81b1c29e0b98c05fd0ca6db6dffbe246e8546408.

[Mar 27 2019]

  • SECURITY: utf8_strlen() on non-null terminated input may read beyond the buffer.
  • FIXED: Using a thread_local predicate inside a temporary module could crash the system.

[Mar 25 2019]

  • FIXED: library(ansi_term): loading should not set the color_term flag to true if it is already defined.

[Mar 24 2019]

[Mar 14 2019]

  • FIXED: re-enable file consult messages when a file is consulted from the Windows menu.

[Mar 12 2019]

  • INSTALL: Added declaration for JNIDIR (requires updating jpl module)

[Mar 11 2019]

  • FIXED: :- table/1: undefined predicate check should ignore implicitly imported predicates.
  • FIXED: reloading a file with tabled predicates sometimes failed to rename the implementation. Backport of commit 95af97086

[Mar 5 2019]

  • FIXED: Avoid excessive GC because the system incorrectly believes it is nearly reaching the stack limit. This is only part of the solution to avoid excessive GC.

[Mar 11 2019]

  • PORT: Conditionally deal with `-fprofile-dir= and -Wno-maybe-uninitialized` as these are not supported in the default MacOS toolchain. Paulo Moura.

[Mar 9 2019]

[Mar 6 2019]

  • PORT: swipl-ld.exe to configure for native MinGW tools.
  • FIXED: `swipl.exe --dump-runtime-variables` to provide the right value for PLLIBDIR on Windows. Abramo Bagnara.

Package archive

[Apr 21 2019]

  • FIXED: error return and avoid compiler warning.
  • FIXED: Error handling when hitting end-of-file while skipping an archive entry. Also made error reporting more robust.
  • ENHANCED: Print more human friendly messages from archive errors.

Package clib

[Mar 31 2019]

  • DOC: intro for UDP sockets updated.

[Mar 29 2019]

  • ENHANCED: Make UDP inbound thread restart automatically if it dies

[Mar 21 2019]

  • ADDED: udp_term_string_hook/3 may throw udp(invalid_message) to make the UDP library ignore some message. This can be used together with encryption to create a safe UDP cluster.
  • FIXED: timer thread should not be created as detached as it is joined. Matt Lilley.

[Mar 19 2019]

  • DOC: Typo and link for ptmalloc() details.

[Mar 14 2019]

Package http

[Apr 8 2018]

  • DOC: Fixed a minor typo.

[Mar 29 2019]

  • FIXED: Issue#91: mime_pack/3: lacking cut causes bad behaviour on backtracking.

[Mar 25 2019]

Package jpl

[Mar 12 2019]

  • INSTALL: Allow installing libjpl.so in $JNIDIR to support Debian install. After discusion with Lev Lamberov.

Package ltx2htm

[Mar 27 2019]

  • SECURITY: Possibly reading beyond stack buffer. Note that the ltx2htm package is typically only used to build the documentation.

[Mar 13 2019]

  • FIXED: read outside automatic variable.

Package paxos

[Mar 31 2019]

  • ADDED: paxos_admin_key/2 to get supported access to changes to the quorum and nodes considered dead. Also fixes some mistakes in the documentation.

[Mar 26 2019]

[Mar 21 2019]

  • ADDED: paxos_quorum_ask/4 to ask questions to the forum outside the paxos protocol.
  • ADDED: hook paxos:paxos_ledger_hook/5, allowing (some keys of) the ledger to be stored elsewhere.
  • FIXED: Avoid deadlock assembling the dead node admin when starting with an explicit node id.
  • FIXED: Avoid deadlock for last node disappearing.

Package pcre

[Apr 9 2019]

  • FIXED: Issue#91: re_match/3: anchored(true) was not processed.

Package pengines

[May 22 2019]

  • MODIFIED: Pengines handling of /abort through HTTP. The abort handler (still) sends a signal to the Pengine. The Pengine will reply through the handler that is waiting for it (create, ask, next, pull_respons) with an abort message. This waiting request is no longer aborted in JavaScript, which didn't work anyway. The /abort handler itself answers a 404 if the Pengine doesn't exist or a JSON true if the signal was sent, without waiting for its reply.

[May 16 2019]

  • ADDED: /pengine/detach method that allows for detaching from a connected Pengine, keeping it running in the background. This is backed up by changes to SWISH that can be activated to allow long running jobs.

[Apr 25 2019]

  • FIXED: Avoid emitting a no-cache header in the middle of CSV output.

Package pldoc

[Apr 10 2019]

  • FIXED: Avoid exception looking for non-existing file in wiki text.

[Mar 21 2019]

  • FIXED: PlDoc.sty macro definition.
  • ENHANCED: PlDoc issue#11: restrict \tag to the \tags environment to avoid conflicts with LaTeX amsmath package.

Package readline

[Apr 25 2019]


[Apr 5 2019]

  • PORT: FreeBSD: fixes warnings about implicit declarations of readline funcs The readline/history.h was neither found nor included on FreeBSD, but the readline library was, so the comiler generated warnings about the read_history and write_history being implicitly defined.

    Adding Readline_INCLUDE_DIR to CMAKE_REQUIRED_INCLUDES fixes the discovery process.

Package sgml

[Mar 27 2019]

  • FIXED: SGML/HTML/XML parser: possible memory leak and reading an out-of-scope automatic variable.

[Mar 13 2019]

  • SECURITY: Possible buffer overrun when handling parser errors and warnings if the file name is very long. This patch also puts a separate length constraint on the location such that not all space is used by the location part of the message. With help from Keri Harris.

Package swipl-win

[May 18 2019]

  • FIXED: ANSI escape sequences translation and help_pager flag.

[May 15 2019]

  • FIXED: autocompletion crash

Package table

[Mar 27 2019]

  • FIXED: new_order_table/2: accept strings for character sets for compatibility with SWI7.

Package xpce

[Jun 5 2019]

  • FIXED: Issue#464: gxref/0: ignore files that do not exist. Paulo Moura.

[May 22 2019]

  • CLANG: Add unneeded initialization to avoid a warning.

[May 21 2019]

  • CLEANUP: Avoid some (benign, I think) errors trapped by Address Sanitizer.

Package zlib

[May 16 2019]

  • TEST: Issue#473: zlib tests failing on Windows due to CR/LF encoding.

[Apr 8 2019]

  • FIX: fixes zlib test, gzip_utf8 The test failed, because of missing encoding(utf8) term.