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SWI-Prolog Changelog from version 8.2.3 to 8.2.4

[Jan 20 2021]

  • FIXED: Various small issues that allow using []/N (notably []/3) as a predicate. After report by Rick Workman.

[Jan 13 2021]

  • DOC: Remove reference to -L, -G and -T options.

[Jan 11 2021]

  • FIXED: Issue#767: print_term/2 for printing zero-argument compounds. Wouter Beek.
  • FIXED: Possible crash when creating a dict from a list if the list contains an invalid key.

[Oct 5 2020]

  • FIXED: Crash when creating a dict from an invalid key.

[Jan 8 2021]

  • FIXED: Issue#763: Attempt to create cycle import module dependency exception was not handled correctly. Reported by David Tonhofer.

[Jan 4 2021]

  • FIXED: Windows swipl-win.exe console: check input messages before handling output such that e.g., Control-C works when the output is flooded.
  • MODIFIED: Allow processing interrupts in Windows when in critical state.
  • FIXED: Possible deadlock when passing Control-C from swipl-win.exe.
  • FIXED: possible race in swipl-win.exe output handling.
  • FIXED: sleep/1: interrupt processing for Windows.

[Jan 2 2021]

  • FIXED: Issue#758: unify_with_occurs_check/2: possible false success when attributed variables are involved. Possibly may also involve cases where no attributed variables are involved. Reported by Jan Burse.

[Dec 30 2020]

  • CLEANUP: Issue#128: silence maybeUnregisterDirtyDefinition() message for release build. Fabrizio Riguzzi.

[Dec 27 2020]

  • BUILD: Issue#704: skip building the HTML docs if some dependency is missing.

[Dec 24 2020]

  • FIXED: Possible crash of the debugger on the call port. We need to set PC to the new predicate before the trace callback or clearUninitialisedVars() may reset wrong variables.

[Dec 23 2020]

  • FIXED: Issue#751: call_with_depth_limit/3 with limit -1. David Tonhofer. This patch also cleans up mixed types for handling the limit and possible limit overflows.

[Dec 21 2020]

[Dec 18 2020]

  • FIXED: We cannot catch a delimited continuation through a findall/3. Raise an error and give better messages for attempts to table this way.

[Dec 16 2020]

  • DOC: Fixed a type, added commas and needed spaces.

[Dec 15 2020]

[Dec 14 2020]

  • ENHANCED: Detection of Emacs inferior mode. Now sets up tty on Windows as we have no way to detect.

[Dec 13 2020]

[Dec 11 2020]

  • FIXED: Backport of 06e3e152a83ec786a689085274d49da1e56b9287 from devel: FIXED: Possible race condition in retract/1 generation management.

[Dec 7 2020]

[Dec 5 2020]

  • FIXED: Issue#722: premature reclaim of a clause reference in retract/1.

[Dec 3 2020]

  • FIXED: Make library(prolog_codewalk) work with name() predicate heads.
  • FIXED: Do not set a Prolog flag if the hook dealing with the side effect fails.
  • ENHANCED: halt if we tried to handle exit from a thread twice.

[Dec 1 2020]

[Nov 30 2020]

  • DOC: Avoid duplicate section label.

[Nov 27 2020]

  • FIXED: Consistent answer count admin for answer subsumptive tabling. Resulted in "OOPS: trie_property/2: counted %zd values, admin says %zd\n" messages.

[Nov 25 2020]

  • FIXED: Handling of the Prolog flag compile_meta_arguments.

Package bench

[Nov 27 2020]

  • ADDED: Answer subsumption benchmark.

Package clib

[Jan 25 2021]

  • FIXED: handle pipe(Stream, Options) encoding correctly. @dgelessus

[Jan 23 2021]

  • ADDED: process_create/3: SICStus 4 compatible pipe(Pipe,Options) option supporting type(Type) and encoding(Encoding).

[Dec 3 2020]

  • FIXED: Issue#33: environment variables may not be passed. This shows on MacOS, but can happen on any system.
  • FIXED: Issue#33: NULL pointer dereference in `process_create('/usr/bin/printenv', [], [environment([])]).

Package http

[Jan 26 2021]

  • ADDED: `gone 410` to list of status replies

[Dec 27 2020]

  • ADDED: Define http_open/map_method/2 as multifile so we can support non-RFC HTTP methods.

[Dec 2 2020]

  • COMPAT: Parse cookie values more flexible. Keri Harris.

Package jpl

[Dec 14 2020]

  • PORT: Apple java_home program doesn't accept -d64

[Dec 3 2020]

  • BUILD: Avoid "Value of JAVA_HOME contained a newline" warning on MacOS.

Package pldoc

[Dec 13 2020]

[Dec 10 2020]

  • FIXED: Export new HTML output routines.

[Dec 2 2020]

  • DOC: Typo fix

Package semweb

[Dec 11 2020]

  • FIXED: Issue#737: Although unlikely, computed garbage may be < 0 due to asynchronous computation of the different garbage components. As this figure is only used for statistics we just report < 0 as 0 instead of raising an assertion error.

Package ssl

[Dec 18 2020]

  • TEST: Issue#159: OpenSSL 1.1.1i changed sequence for unknown_issuer certificate reporting. Patch by Kurt Roeckx.

Package tipc

[Dec 13 2020]

  • FIXED: tipc_paxos_replicate/1 called non-existing predicate. Removed.

Package xpce

[Dec 3 2020]

  • FIXED: Cross-reference GUI: handle name() definitions.

[Nov 29 2020]

  • FIXED: Issue#19: Possibly buffer overflow and incorrect error message if XPCE cannot connect to the given display.