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SWI-Prolog Changelog from version 8.3.28 to 8.3.29

[Sep 1 2021]

  • BUILD: Use PGO optimization for the Debian builds.
  • FIXED: clause/2 (and related predicates) on clauses where unifications are moved into the head failed in a saved state.
  • FIXED: clause/2 for unification that was migrated to the head and used nested in a term used as argument to some body call (using B_ARGVAR instead of B_VAR).
  • ADDED: format_time/3: handle '%P' on systems not using glibc.

[Aug 30 2021]

  • FIXED: Adding missing newlines in tracer commands

[Aug 26 2021]

  • TEST: Fixed answer tests for new toplevel output.

[Aug 24 2021]

[Aug 15 2021]

  • FIXED: Avoid optimizing memory load, causing an infinite loop when creating a new atom.
  • FIXED: =../2 to avoid truncating to int (for arity > 2g).

[Aug 11 2021]

[Aug 10 2021]

  • FIXED: make sure the monotonic propagation flag is only set during monotonic propagation and not while reevaluating non-monotonic nodes.
  • FIXED: Possibly loop adding a lazy monotonic dependency.
  • FIXED: date_time_stamp/2 was broken in timezone handling after e68098ba2b38d7d9597def1b4fc0a8cef1ed43cb.
  • FIXED: Possibly crash in completion detecting for lazy monotonic tabling.

[Aug 9 2021]

  • FIXED: format_time/3 using date/9 term computed the weekday and year day of the UTC time rather than the local time. Mike Elston.
  • TEST: one more test for lazy monotonic tabling.
  • FIXED: We must remove the queued answers or a recursive call will keep re-evaluating them. This triggered tabling_monotonic_lazy_14 after fixing the issues from tabling_monotonic_lazy_16. The disadvantage is that if we get an exception during the propagation we cannot retry. There are probably more troubles with that and we should probably just abolish the involved tables.

[Aug 7 2021]

  • FIXED: If we call an invalid table we must re-evaluate the table immediately, also if this is a lazy table and we are inside lazy answer propagation.

[Aug 9 2021]

  • ENHANCED: Avoid recording duplicate dependencies for lazy monotonic tabling.

[Aug 6 2021]

  • ENHANCED: trace/1,2: add recursion depth to output to make it easier to understand.

[Jul 10 2021]

[Aug 5 2021]

  • FIXED: write_term/2,3 numbervars for '$VAR'(N) terms where N is a GMP integer.

[Aug 4 2021]

  • PPA: Groovy is no longer supported. Added Hirsute

Package archive

[Sep 1 2021]

  • PORT: Support libarchive versions without raw or mtree formats.

Package chr

[Aug 24 2021]

  • FIXED: Make chr work in temporary modules (Pengines, SWISH)

Package clib

[Aug 6 2021]

  • ADDED: uuid_property/2 to get the version and (for 1 and 2) time stamp of the UUID.
  • ENHANCED: Always install library(uuid), providing (currently) a random UUID in case the OSSP-UUID dependency was not available for building SWI-Prolog.

Package xpce

[Aug 31 2021]

  • FIXED: gtrap/1 is not a meta-predicate.

[Aug 11 2021]