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swi_preferences.pl -- Edit preferences files
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This module provides prolog_edit_preferences/1, which is used to simplify locating the preference files and provide a default if the user has no such file.

See also
- library(win_menu) binds this to the Settings menu of the console on the MS-Windows version.
Source prolog_edit_preferences(+What) is det
Edit the specified user preference file. What is one of
  • xpce
  • prolog

The UI components are started asynchronously in the XPCE thread.

Source prolog_init_file(-Base)[private]
Get the base-name of the Prolog user initialization file.
To be done
- This should have a public interface.
Source default_preferences(+Id, -File)[private]
If there is a default file for the preferences, return a path to it, so the user can be presented a starting point.
Source ensure_xpce_config_dir(-Dir:atom)[private]
Ensure existence of the personal XPCE config directory.