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pldoc.pl -- Process source documentation
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The pldoc module processes structured comments in Prolog source files. These comments can be saved to file. During development the documentation system can start a web-server to view the documentation of loaded sources through your browser. The server is defined in the file doc_http.pl and started through doc_server/1.

During development, a typical scenario is to first start the documentation server and start a browser at http://localhost:4000. Note that by default the web-pages allow for starting an editor only if the connection comes from localhost. See doc_server/2 to realise a different setup.

:- doc_server(4000).
:- [application].
- Jan Wielemaker
See also
- doc_server/1, doc_server/2, doc_collect/1.
Source doc_collect(+Bool) is det
Switch collecting comments true/false. This autoload predicate can be used to force loading the pldoc library. In a typical development setup loading pldoc is normally triggered using doc_server/1.
Source pldoc_loading is semidet
True if we are loading the PlDoc libraries. Required internally to avoid undefined predicates while re-loading and document itself.
Source tag_order(?Tag, ?Order) is semidet[multifile]
Hook that allows for defining additional tags.
See also
- pldoc_wiki:tag_order/2 for the default definition.