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Prolog files

editline.pl  -- BSD libedit based command line editingShow source
el_add_history/2Add a line to the command line history.Source
el_addfn/4Add a new command to the command line editor associated with Input.Source
el_bind/2Invoke the libedit bind command with the given arguments.Source
el_cursor/2Move the cursor Move character forwards (positive) or backwards (negative).Source
el_deletestr/2Delete Count characters before the cursor.Source
el_history/2Perform a generic action on the history.Source
el_history_events/2Unify Events with a list of pairs of the form Num-String, where Num is the event number and String is the associated string without terminating newline.Source
el_insertstr/2Insert Text at the cursor.Source
el_line/2Fetch the currently buffered input line.Source
el_read_history/2Read the history saved using el_write_history/2.Source
el_setup/1This hooks is called as forall(el_setup(Input), true) after the input stream has been wrapped, the default Prolog commands have been added and the default user setup file has been sourced using el_source/2.Source
el_source/2Initialise editline by reading the contents of File.Source
el_unwrap/1Remove the libedit wrapper for In and the related output and error streams.Source
el_wrap/0Enable using editline on the standard user streams if user_input is connected to a terminal.Source
el_wrap/4Enable editline on the stream-triple <In,Out,Error>.Source
el_wrapped/1True if In is a stream wrapped by el_wrap/3.Source
el_write_history/2Save editline history to File.Source