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yap.pl -- YAP Compatibility module
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This module provides compatibility to YAP through the directive expects_dialect/1:

:- expects_dialect(yap)

The task of this module is:

  • Implement system predicates available in YAP we do not yet or do not wish to support in SWI-Prolog. Export these predicates.
  • Provide yap_<name>(...) predicates for predicates that exist both in YAP and SWI-Prolog and define goal_expansion/2 rules to map calls to these predicates to the yap_<name> version. Export these predicates.
  • Alter the library search path, placing dialect/yap before the system libraries.
  • Allow for .yap extension as extension for Prolog files. If both a .pl and .yap is present, the .yap file is loaded if the current environment expects YAP.

Current set is taken from http://www.david-reitter.com/compling/prolog/compat_swi.pl, written by David Reitter and Steve Moyle

- Jan Wielemaker
To be done
- Fill it in!
Source yap_expansion(+In, +Out)[multifile]
goal_expansion rules to emulate YAP behaviour in SWI-Prolog. The expansions below maintain optimization from compilation. Defining them as predicates would loose compilation.
Source push_yap_library[private]
Pushes searching for dialect/yap in front of every library directory that contains such as sub-directory.
Source push_yap_file_extension[private]
Looks for .yap files before looking for .pl files if the current dialect is yap.
Source gc
Garbage collect.
- yap
Source depth_bound_call(:Goal, :Limit)
Equivalent to call_with_depth_limit(Goal, Limit, _Reached)
- yap
Source system(+Command)
Equivalent to shell(Command).
- yap
Source exists(+File)
Equivalent to exists_file(File).
- yap
Source assert_static(:Term)
Assert as static predicate. SWI-Prolog provides compile_predicates/1 to achieve this. The emulation is a mere alias for assert/1, as immediate compilation would prohibit further calls to this predicate.
- Use assert/1 and compile_predicates/1 after completing the predicate definition.
- yap
Source source is det
YAP directive to maintain source-information. We have that always.
Source yap_flag(+Key, +Value) is det
Map some YAP flags to SWI-Prolog. Supported flags:
If on, writes strings as "..." instead of a list of integers. In SWI-Prolog this only affects write routines that use portray.
Source yap_style_check(+Style) is det
Map YAP style-check options onto the SWI-Prolog ones.