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standard.pl -- XSB Term Writing to Designated I/O Streams
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This module emulates the XSB dedicated term writing predicates from the standard module.

- XSB has a number of additional streams which we do not have. For now we send all messages to user_error. Onlt warning/1 is redirected through SWI-Prolog's print_message/2 interface.
Source error_write(@Term) is det
Source error_writeln(@Term) is det
As write/1 and writeln/1 to user_error.
Source console_write(@Term) is det
Source console_writeln(@Term) is det
As write/1 and writeln/1 to user_error. The XSB version writes to STDFDBK. What does that mean?
Source warning(@Message) is det
Print a warning. The behaviour depends on the flag warning_action, which can be one of:
Re-direct the message to SWI-Prolog's print_message
Throw error(xsb_warning(Message), _)
Ignore the warning.

If Message is a list or comma-list, the elements are concatenated without a space.

Source message(@Message) is det
Source messageln(@Message) is det
Write message to user_error. As warning/1, Message can be a list or comma list.
- XSB. XSB writes to STDMSG. Possibly we should also redirect this through SWI-Prolog's print_message/2 interface.