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source.pl -- Support XSB source .P files
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This module is a lightweight module that allows loading .P files as XSB source files. This module is intended to be loaded from <config>/init.pl, providing transparent usage of XSB files with neglectable impact impact if no XSB sources are used.

Source directive_exports(+AllDirectives, -Public, -OtherDirectives)[private]
Source head_directives(+Directives, +File)// is det[private]
Source head_directives_s(+Directives, +State)// is det[private]
Source head_directive(+Directive, +State)// is det[private]
Source xsb_directives(+File, -Directives) is semidet[private]
Directives is a list of all directives in File and its header.
- : track :- op/3 declarations to update the syntax.