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base32.pl -- Base32 encoding and decoding
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Prolog-based base32 encoding using DCG rules. Encoding according to rfc4648.

For example:

1 ?- base32('Hello World', X).


2 ?- base32(H, 'JBSWY3DPEBLW64TMMQ======').

H = 'Hello World'
- Jan Wielemaker
See also
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base32
Source base32(+Plain, -Encoded) is det
base32(-Plain, +Encoded) is det
Translates between plaintext and base32 encoded atom or string. See also base32//1.
Source base32(+PlainText)// is det
base32(-PlainText)// is det
Encode/decode list of character codes using base32. See also base32/2.