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Source tagit_user(+Request, -Type, -User) is det[private]
User as seen for tagging. This is either the current user or the peer.
Source tagit_footer(+Obj, +Options)// is det
Show tagit widget for adding and deleting tags.
Source complete_tag(+Request)[private]
Complete. Currently only uses existing tags for completion.
To be done
- Provide pre-populated completion (e.g., from FOLDOC)
- Show (as feedback) how often this is used, etc.
Source add_tag(+Request)[private]
Add tag to the given object
Source remove_tag(+Request)[private]
Remove tag from the given object
Source may_remove(+CurrentUser, +Creator)[private]
Source gc_tag(+Tag)[private]
Remove tag if it is no longer in use.
Source show_tag(+Request)[private]
Show pages that are tagged with this tag.
Source tag_abuse(+Request)[private]
Some user claims that the tag is abused.
Source prolog:ac_object(+MatchHow, +Term, -Match) is nondet[multifile]
Provide additional autocompletion matches on tags,
Source list_tags(+Request)[private]
HTTP handler that lists the defined tags.
Source user_tags(?User, +Options)// is det
Show all tags created by a given user.
Source list_tags(+Tags)[private]
List tags and what they are linked to.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source user_tag_count(Arg1, Arg2)