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stats.pl -- Server statistics components
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Source http_session_table//
HTML component that writes a table of currently logged on users.
Source session(-Session:s(Idle,User,SessionID,Peer)) is nondet[private]
Enumerate all current HTTP sessions.
Source http_server_statistics//
HTML component showing statistics on the HTTP server
Source http_server_pool_table//
Display table with statistics on thread-pools.
Source n(+Format, +Value)//[private]
HTML component to emit a number.
See also
- nc//2 for details.
Source nc(+Format, +Value)// is det[private]
Source nc(+Format, +Value, +Options)// is det[private]
Numeric cell. The value is formatted using Format and right-aligned in a table cell (td).
Format- is a (numeric) format as described by format/2 or the constant human. Human formatting applies to integers and prints then in abreviated (K,M,T) form, e.g., 4.5M for 4.5 million.
Options- is passed as attributed to the td element. Default alignment is right.
Source odd_even_row(+Row, -Next, :Content)//[private]
Create odd/even alternating table rows from a DCG.
Source list_file_streams(+Request)[private]
Print a table of open streams that have an associated file name.
Source stream_details(+Request)[private]
Print details on stream. Requires user to be logged on with admin right because streams may reveal sensitive information.
Source server_health(+Request)[private]
HTTP handler that replies with the overall health of the server