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review.pl -- Handle rating and reviewing of packages
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Source pack_review(+Request)[private]
HTTP handler to review a pack.
Source reviewer(+Request, +UUID)// is det[private]
Present details about the reviewer
Source pack_rating(+Request)[private]
Handle the actual rating
Source pack_submit_review(+Request)[private]
Handle a pack review submission
Source update_review(+Pack, +UUID, +Rating, +Comment)// is det[private]
Assert/update a review about a pack.
Source pack_reviews(Pack)// is det
Show reviews for Pack
Source show_review(+Pack, +UUID)// is det[private]
Show an individual review about Pack
Source show_pack(Pack, +Options)// is det[private]
 show_reviewer(+UUID, +Time)[private]
Source show_pack_rating(+Pack)// is det
Show overall rating. If there is no rating, offer to create one.
Source pack_rating_votes(+Pack, -Rating, -Votes) is det
Rating is the current rating for Pack, based on Votes.
Source pack_comment_count(Pack, Count)
True when Count is the number of comments for Pack.
Source show_pack_rating(+Pack, +Rating, +Votes, +CommentCount, +Options)// is det
Show rating for Pack.
Source show_comment(+Comment)// is det[private]
Display Comment. Comment is an atom holding Wiki text.
Source profile_reviews(+UUID)// is det
Create a h2 section with all reviews by a given OpenID.
Source user_review_count(+UUID, -Count) is det
True when Count is the number of reviews by UUID.