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Source user:body(+Style, +Body)//[multifile]
Provide the page skin.
Source page_style(+Style, -Options) is semidet[private]
True if Style is an `object page' and Obj is the object.
Source outer_container(+Content, +Options)//[private]
Display a typical page including headers and footers.
Source prolog:doc_page_header(+File, +Options)// is det[multifile]
prolog:doc_links(+Directory, +Options)// is det[multifile]
prolog:doc_file_title(+Title, +File, +Options)// is det[multifile]
Called to render the PlDoc page header and link menu. We kill both.
Source upper_header(+Options)//[private]
Emit the small blue header with Did You Know? and search box
Source plweb_search(+Request)[private]
HTTP Handler to search the Prolog website.
Source searchbox_script(+Tag)//[private]
Emits the script tag for the searchbox
Source tag_line_area//[private]
Emit the Owl logo and tagline area (Robust, mature, free. Prolog for the real world)
Source todays_logo(-File:atom, -AltText:atom) is det[private]
succeeds if File is the relative name of the appropriate version of the swi-Prolog logo for the day and AltText is the alt text
Source swi_logo//[private]
Embed the SWI-Prolog logo.
Source menubar(+Style)// is semidet[private]
Emits a menubar. Style is the page style
Source blurb//[private]
Emit the blurb
Source cta_area//[private]
Emit the Call To Action - the 3 big buttons on homepage
Source enhanced_search_area//[private]
Emit the large size search area at bottom of home page