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pack_analyzer.pl -- Analyse the content of a Prolog pack
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This module analyses a Prolog pack without loading it.

Source pack_analysis(+Pack, -Results)
Result is the analysis result for Pack. Results is a list, containing the following elements:
Summed size of all files in Pack. Always exactly one.
List of files in the pack. Each file is represented by a term file(Name, SizeBytes).
prolog_source(File, Size, Module, Exports, Extra)
One for each Prolog file in pack. If the file is not a module file, Module is unified to - and Exports is []. Each member of Exports is a term export(PI, Info), where Info is a list with additional properties. Currently defined Info terms are:
  • doc(Summary, Comment)

Extra is reserved for additional information. Currently defines:

  • doc(Title, Comment)
Source required_predicate(+Pack, -Required) is nondet[private]
True if Required is a predicate that is required by Pack.
Source xref_pack(+Pack) is det
Run the cross-referencer on all Prolog files inside pack.
Source xref_pack_file(+Pack, +File) is det
Run the cross-referencer on File inside Pack.
Source pack_open_entry(+Pack, +Entry, -Stream) is det
Open an entry in the Pack for reading. The entry must be closed with close/1.
Source pack_members(+Pack, -Members:list) is det
Members is a list of file(File,Size) that represent the files in Pack. Pack is either a git repository, a directory holding files or an archive.
Source recursive_directory_files(+Dir, -Files) is det[private]
True when Files is a list holding all files in Dir, recursively.
Source prolog:xref_open_source(+Id, -Stream) is semidet[multifile]
If Id refers to a known Prolog pack, open the pack entry. A pack-file identifier is the path-name of the archive or pack directory, followed by the entry in the pack.
Source prolog:xref_source_identifier(+Path, -Id) is semidet[multifile]
Source pack_file(+Path, -Pack, -Entry) is semidet[private]
True if Path originates from Entry in Pack.
Source resolve_pack_file(+Spec, -Source, -SourcePack, -SourceEntry) is nondet[private]
True if Spec appearing in OrgPack can be resolved by file Entry in ResPack.
Source assert_dependency(OrgPack, OrgSpec, How, Src) is det[private]
Source prolog:xref_source_file(+Spec, -SourceID, +Options) is semidet[multifile]
Source xref_pack_source(+Pack, ?Entry, ?Source) is nondet[private]
True when Source is the canonical xref source of Entry in Pack.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source pack_prolog_entry(Arg1)