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notify.pl -- Send notications by E-mail
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This module sends E-mail notifications to watchers for events that take place on watched objects. The messages themselves are generated similar to print_message/2 using the grammars

Define the subject of the message
Define the body of the message
To be done
- Eventually, this should also be used to provide an RSS feed from the side.
Source notify(+Object, +Term)
Notify watching users by mail of the event on Object, described by Term.
Source notification_user(-User) is det[private]
Find the origin of the event, which is either the UUID of the logged on user that triggered the event, the peer IP address of this user or '<not from http>'.
Source send_message(+Parts, +Output) is det[private]
Write message fragments to Output. This is similar to print_message/2.
Source make_subject(+Object, +Event)//[private]
Generate the fragments that describe the subject for Event on Object.
Source make_message(+UUID, +Object, +User, +Event)//[private]
Generate the fragments that describe the message body for Event on Object.
Source server(-Server) is det[private]
Provide a URL for the server. Note that the mail server runs in a different thread and thus the HTTP thread should call this before launching the mail thread.
Source msg_user(+UUID)// is det
Plain-text reference to a user with hyperlink.
Source watcher(+Object, -MailOrUser) is nondet[private]
True when Object is being watched by MailOrUser. Note that users are described by their UUID, and thus never conflict with a valid mail address.
To be done
- : Allow users to set watches