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gitweb.pl -- Provide gitweb support
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To be done
- Also serve the GIT repository over this gateway
- Better way to locate the GIT project root
Source gitroot(+Request) is det[private]
Some toplevel requests are send to /git, while working inside the repository asks for /git/. This is a hack to work around these problems.
Source gitweb(+Request)[private]
Call gitweb script
Source git_http(+Request) is det[private]
Server files from the git tree to make this work:
git clone http://www.swi-prolog.org/nl/home/pl/git/pl.git

The comment "git http-backend" does not provide much meaningful info when accessed from a browser. Therefore we run "git http-backend" only if w think this the request comes from a git backend. Otherwise we redirect to the gitweb page.