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Pack tap -- prolog/tap/raw.pl
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 tap_header(+TestCount:integer) is det
Output a TAP header. This includes the supported TAP version and the number of tests we expect to run.
 tap_footer(+TestCount:integer, +StartState, +EndState) is det
Output a TAP footer. This includes the number of run, passed, and possibly failing tests.
 tap_call(+Head, +State0, -State) is det
Calls Head as a test case and generates TAP output for the results. State0 and State are opaque state used for generating correct TAP output.

See tap_state/1 and tap_call/1

 tap_call(+Head) is det
Like tap_call/3 but automatically generates a State. This is helpful for running a single test predicate from the toplevel.
 tap_state(-State) is det
Unifies State with an opaque, starting state. You should almost never need to call this directly. Use tap_call/1 instead.
 is_test_running is semidet
True if a TAP test is in progress. It's true for all goals inside the dynamic scope of a TAP test. See also diag/2.
 diag(+Format, +Args) is det
Like debug/3 for TAP tests. When a TAP test is running (see is_test_running/0) sends a diagnostic message to the TAP output. It behaves as a noop in other circumstances. Format and Args are passed through to format/2.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.