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Pack odf_sheet -- prolog/ods/data.pl
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Defined relations:

  • table(TableId, Type, DataDS, HeaderDSList, UnionDS)
  • block(BlockId, Type, DataDS)
  • object_property(ObjectId, Property)
  • cell_property(Sheet, X, Y, Property)
 assert_table(:Table) is det
Table- is table(TableId, _Type, _MainDS, _HdrDS, Union)
 assert_block(:Block) is det
Block- is block(BlockId, Type, DS)
 retract_block(:BlockId) is det
 sheet_object(:Sheet, ?Type, ?Object)
True when Sheet contains Object. Object is a table or block
table(TabId, Type, DataDS, HeaderDSList, UnionDS)
 object_union(+Object, -Union) is det
True if Union is the UnionDS of Object.
 object_id(+Object, -Id) is det
 object_data_type(+Object, -Type) is det
 assert_object_property(:ObjId, +Property)
 assert_cell_property(:Sheet, +X, +Y, +Property) is det
Add a property to a cell. Does nothing if the property is already defined.
 cell_property(:Sheet, ?X, ?Y, ?Property)
Query (inferred) properties of the cell Sheet.XY.
 assert_label(:Label, +Count) is det
Assert to label/2

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.