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7.7.3/7.6.2 released
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The versions 7.6.2 (stable) and 7.7.3 (development) have been released. It is advised to upgrade to this version as it notably fixes an interaction between atom garbage collection and findall/3 (and derived predicates such as bagof/3, setof/3 and parts of library(aggregate). The error can result in a crash, but far worse, it can cause findall/3 to omit answers. The bugs years old but until recently only affected multi-threaded applications. Currently it also affects single-threaded applications unless the system is compiled to disable thread support completely.

This version also re-establishes portability to 32-bit platforms that do not have 64-bit atomic instructions such as the 32-bit versions of mips, powerpc, some arm chips, etc.

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