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Ludum Dare Game Jam 44

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Picture of user Anne Ogborn.

A Prolog team is forming to compete in Ludum Dare 44.

Ludum Dare is a large international game making competition. Teams create a game in 72 hours, based on a theme announced at the start.

The upcoming jam runs friday April 26 6pm through monday the 29th at 6.

Team Prolog also wants their entry to advance integration of Prolog with the Large Knowledge Collider.

To get involved, ping aindilis on ##prolog on freenode.net or email anne@swi-prolog.org

SWI-Prolog on Android Termux

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Picture of user Jan Wielemaker.
The migration to CMake has motivated the github user erlanger to port SWI-Prolog to the Termux application on Android. This port has greatly improved support for cross-compiling SWI-Prolog. More information is here

Sam Neaves successfully defends LP in Bioninformatics PhD thesis

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Picture of user Jan Wielemaker.

In late September 2018, Sam Neaves defended his thesis titled "Explorations in Logic Programming for Bioinformatics". The thesis was submitted to King's College, London.

The thesis provides excellent background material to biology for logic programmers as well as logic programming for biologists. Sam's detailed research includes machine learning of rules and activation patterns of pathways, as well as the visionary Pengine API to Reactome [1,2].

  1. https://apps.nms.kcl.ac.uk/reactome-pengine/
  2. https://swish.swi-prolog.org/?code=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/samwalrus/reactome_notebook/master/reactome_pengine.swinb