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DataChemist sponsors development machine

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Picture of user Jan Wielemaker.

DataChemist, the developer of TerminusDB sponsored a brand new development machine to replace my nearly 8 year old desktop. Equipped with AMD 3950X CPU, 64Gb memory, 1TB M2 SSD and 512Gb sata SSD. This speeds up the daily work and notably intensive tasks such as distribution generation, and testing other configurations and platforms. It also provides better options for testing multi core utilization.


Ludum Dare Game Jam 44

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Picture of user Anne Ogborn.

A Prolog team is forming to compete in Ludum Dare 44.

Ludum Dare is a large international game making competition. Teams create a game in 72 hours, based on a theme announced at the start.

The upcoming jam runs friday April 26 6pm through monday the 29th at 6.

Team Prolog also wants their entry to advance integration of Prolog with the Large Knowledge Collider.

To get involved, ping aindilis on ##prolog on freenode.net or email anne@swi-prolog.org