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Call for help: Oauth 2.0 and OpenID Connect
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After getting a message that Google will discontinue plain OpenID `login-with-google' and a little searching, I started realizing we have a serious problems wrt. these standards. Oauth (2.0) is needed for dealing with several APIs, while we need OpenID Connect, which is layered on top of oauth 2.0 for `login-with-XYZ'.

Long ago, I implemented OpenID 1.0, which I updated a little to provide the current login-with for swi-prolog.org. That was rather easy, but the new spec look overwhelming We probably have all the serialization and crypto stuff in place, but it needs to be combined according to the specs and wrapped into a couple of nice libraries.

So far, the only mention to a partial solution I've seen is by Michael Hendricks

This is an investigation to see what we have, what we need and who can help solving this. I've created a [topic in the SWi-Prolog Google group] (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/swi-prolog/iAO4d9IdMko)

Thanks --- Jan

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