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Installation and Administration

Basic installation merely requires installing a recent version of SWI-Prolog and unpacking ClioPatria (see Downloading below). Next, you can deploy it in two ways:

Installation as application

Running ClioPatria as an application requires a few steps:

  1. Create the start-file run.pl from run.pl.in. On Unix, this is achieved by running ./configure from the top directory. On Windows by double-clicking setup.pl.
  2. Optionally, pull in configuration files according to conf.d/README.txt. This can also be done later.
  3. Start run.pl as ./run.pl on Unix or double-clicking run.pl on Windows and direct your browser to the indicated address (default is http://localhost:3020/. If this is the first time, you will be asked to enter an admin password. This protects some web-operations, such as managing settings and loading/unloading RDF.

If you want to extend the application, there are two options. One is to put a Prolog file with the desired extensions in conf.d. Another is to run configure/setup from another directory. This creates run.pl and conf.d in the current working directory, after which the extensions can be placed in conf.d.

Use as library

To use ClioPatria as a library, one can simply compile cliopatria.pl. The file run.pl as generated from installation as an application gives additional actions you may want to setup. The web-server is started by cp_server/0, but the system runs happily if the Prolog HTTP server is started in another way, as long as the server uses http_dispatch/1 for dispatching HTTP requests.