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This is my google based account.

I drive Jan crazy trying to keep the system well documented.

Sometimes I do PR.

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doc-needs-help[wiki] Creating and submitting extension packages for SWI-Prolog, Sec. 3

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http_open/3example under **URL** missing arguments 2 and 3
Sec. 3What's not clear here is how to spread the summary over more than one line %!

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Tuning of fuzzy logic programs through satisfiability modulo theories -- José A.
SWI-Prolog workshop at Functional Conf -- Anne Ogborn taught a full day workshop on SWI-Prolog on Dec 12th, 2018 in Bangal ...
Huron Consulting Group uses SWI-Prolog to generate complex test data -- Donald Maffly will present "Logic Programming to Generate Complex and Meaningful Test Data" at the Pacific NorthWest Software Quality Conference on October 18. Maffly's group at Huron has produced a system in SWI-Prolog that uses techniques based on reverse query processing to generate test data from SQL SELECT queries.