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doc-needs-helpfunction_expansion/3, Sec. A.45, [wiki] Can I make an executable?, Sec. A.53

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multifile/1A note on usage of `multifile/1`, since I got tripped up, and it might help othe ...
current_prolog_flag/2Since only some flags are module local, we should be careful to document when a ...
[wiki] Creating and submitting extension packages for SWI-PrologThis instructions are useful but omit instructions explaining how to update an u ...
Sec. A.53`parse_url/2` has the the single mode signature `parse_url(+URL, -Attributes)`, ...
[wiki] Can I make an executable?The "Reference Manual" link is broken (and there's typo in it).
string_lower/2Explanation reads "Convert String to lower case and unify the result with UpperC ...
Sec. A.45In 5.2, the link to `table 8` is broken.

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A simple tokenization library
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