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Grammar rule reply_header//3
 reply_header(+Data, +HdrExtra, -Code)// is det[private]
Grammar that realises the HTTP handler for sending Data. Data is a real data object as described with http_reply/2 or a not-200-ok HTTP status reply. The following status replies are defined.
  • created(+URL, +HTMLTokens)
  • moved(+URL, +HTMLTokens)
  • moved_temporary(+URL, +HTMLTokens)
  • see_other(+URL, +HTMLTokens)
  • status(+Status)
  • status(+Status, +HTMLTokens)
  • authorise(+Method, +Realm, +Tokens)
  • authorise(+Method, +Tokens)
  • not_found(+URL, +HTMLTokens)
  • server_error(+Error, +Tokens)
  • resource_error(+Error, +Tokens)
  • service_unavailable(+Why, +Tokens)
See also
- http_status_reply/4 formulates the not-200-ok HTTP replies.