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Source translate_message(+Term)// is det
Translate a message Term into message lines. The produced lines is a list of
Emit a newline
Fmt - Args
Emit the result of format(Fmt, Args)
Emit the result of format(Fmt)
ansi(Code, Fmt, Args)
Use ansi_format/3 for color output.
Used only as last element of the list. Simply flush the output instead of producing a final newline.
Start the messages at the same line (instead of using ~N)
- Use code for message translation should call translate_message//1.
Source translate_message(+Term)// is det
Translate a message term into message lines. This version may be called from user and library definitions for message translation.
Source term_message(+Term)//
Deal with the formal argument of error(Format, ImplDefined) exception terms. The ImplDefined argument is handled by swi_location//2.
Source swi_location(+Term)// is det
Print location information for error(Formal, ImplDefined) from the ImplDefined term.
Source print_message(+Kind, +Term)
Print an error message using a term as generated by the exception system.
Source print_message_lines(+Stream, +PrefixOrKind, +Lines)
Quintus compatibility predicate to print message lines using a prefix.
Source message_to_string(+Term, -String)
Translate an error term into a string