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swi_compatibility.pl -- XPCE Compatibility layer
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This layer defines some predicates to enhance portability with SICStus and Quintus Prolog. These systems are no longer supported, but it is probably wise to keep this layer for `just-in-case'.

Source auto_call(:Goal)
Autoload Goal and call it. If autoloading is enabled we can simply call the target. Otherwise we autoload the predicate and subsequently call it.

This predicate should be used to open new IDE tools, for example the manual opening the editor, etc.

Source callable_predicate(:Head) is semidet
Succeeds if Head can be called without raising an exception for an undefined predicate
Source modified_since_last_loaded(Path) is semidet
True is file has been modified since the last time it was loaded.
Source pce_error(+Term) is det
Source pce_warn(+Term) is det
Source pce_info(+Term) is det
Portability layer wrappers around print_message/2.