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xsdp_types.pl -- XML-Schema primitive types
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This modules provides support for the primitive XML-Schema (XSD) datatypes. It defines the type hierarchy which allows for reasoning over types as well as xsdp_convert/3 to convert XML content to a natural Prolog representation of the XSD type.

Based on the W3C definitions at

The current implementation is incomplete and only there to test the API and its integration with rdf:dataType=Type handling in the RDF parser.

The extra 'p' in the module prefix (xsdp_*) is used to allow for a module xsd_*, providing full user-defined XSD types on top of this module.

Source xsdp_type(?Type)
Test/generate the names for the XML schema primitive types
Source xsdp_uri_type(?URI, ?Type)
True if URI is the URI for the the XML-Schema primitive Type.
Source xsdp_subtype_of(?Type, ?Super)
True if Type is a (transitive) subtype of Super.
Source xsdp_numeric_uri(?URI, -PromoteURI) is nondet
Table mapping all XML-Schema numeric URIs into the type they promote to. Types are promoted to integer, float, double and decimal.
Source xsdp_convert(+Type, +Content, -Value)
Convert the content model Content to an object of the given XSD type and return the Prolog value in Value.