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Prolog files

plunit.pl  -- Unit TestingShow source
begin_tests/1Start a test-unit.Source
begin_tests/2Start a test-unit.Source
current_test/5True when a test with the specified properties is loaded.Source
current_test_unit/2True when a Unit is a current unit test declared with Options.Source
end_tests/1Close a unit-test module.Source
load_test_files/1Load .plt test-files related to loaded source-files.Source
run_tests/0Run tests and report about the results.Source
run_tests/1Run tests and report about the results.Source
run_tests/2Run tests and report about the results.Source
running_tests/0Print the currently running test.Source
set_test_options/1Specifies how to deal with test suites.Source
test_report/1Produce reports on test results after the run.Source
message_hook/3Redefine printing some messages.Source
test_wizard.pl  -- Test Generation WizardShow source
make_test/3Generate a test from a query.Source
make_tests/3Create tests from queries stored in File and write the tests for Module to the stream Out.Source