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doc_files.pl -- Create stand-alone documentation files
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Create stand-alone documentation from a bundle of source-files. Typical use of the PlDoc package is to run it as a web-server from the project in progress, providing search and guaranteed consistency with the loaded version. Creating stand-alone files as provided by this file can be useful for printing or distribution.

To be done
- Generate a predicate index?
Source doc_save(+FileOrDir, +Options)
Save documentation for FileOrDir to file(s). Options include
Currently only supports html.
Save output to the given directory. Default is to save the documentation for a file in the same directory as the file and for a directory in a subdirectory doc.
Title is an atom that provides the HTML title of the main (index) page. Only meaningful when generating documentation for a directory.
Root of a manual server used for references to built-in predicates. Default is http://www.swi-prolog.org/pldoc/
Filename for directory indices. Default is index.
What to do with files in a directory. loaded (default) only documents files loaded into the Prolog image. true documents all files.
If true, recurse into subdirectories.
If copy, copy the CSS file to created directories. Using inline, include the CSS file into the created files. Currently, only the default copy is supported.
When true (default false), include predicates that are re-exported from this module into the documentation of the module.

Re-exported predicates

The following predicates are exported from this file while their implementation is defined in imported modules or non-module files loaded by this module.

Source doc_pack(+Pack)
Generate stand-alone documentation for the package Pack. The documentation is generated in a directory doc inside the pack. The index page consists of the content of readme or readme.txt in the main directory of the pack and an index of all files and their public predicates.