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mallocinfo.pl -- Memory allocation details
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This library is provided if the clib package is compiled on a glibc based system, typically Linux. It provides access to the glibc ptmalloc informational functions for diagnosing memory usage. This library exports

Source mallinfo(-Info:dict) is det
Return the content of the struct mallinfo returned by mallinfo() as a dict. See man mallinfo for an explanation of the fields.
- The struct mallinfo contains int fields and is thus incapable of expressing the memory sizes of 64-bit machines. The fields are interpreted as unsigned and thus represent the true value modulo 2**32 (4Gb).
Source malloc_info(-Info:dict) is det
Interface to malloc_info(), which provides an XML document describing the status of the GNU glibc malloc implementation. The XML document is parsed and translated into a dict with a similar structure. The malloc_info() XML is supposed to be self-explanatory.
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- Understanding glibc malloc