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Source gc_heap
Explicitly invoke heap garbage collection.
Source trimcore
Trim the stacks.
Source abolish_table_info
Undocumented in the XSB manual.
Source close_open_tables(?Arg)
Undocumented in the XSB manual. Tables are always closed on exceptions, so it is unclear what this should do?
Source str_cat(+Atom1, +Atom2, -Atom3)
Source parsort(+List, +Order, +Dupl, -Sorted) is det
parsort/4 is a very general sorting routine.
Source term_type(+Term, -Type:integer)
Emulation of internal XSB predicate
Source xsb_expand_file_name(+File, -Expanded)
Source expand_filename_no_prepend(+FileName, -ExpandedName)
Source parse_filename(+FileName, -Dir, -Base, -Extension)
Source conset(+Term, +Value) is det
Source conget(+Term, -Value) is det
Cheap set/get integer value associated with an atom. Seems this is a subset of what SWI-Prolog flags can do.
Source slash(-Slash)
Return the directory separator for the platform
Source xsb_backtrace(-Backtrace)
Upon success Backtrace is bound to a structure indicating the forward continuations for a point of execution. This structure should be treated as opaque.
Source xwam_state(+Id, -Value)
Low-level query. Used by the XSB test suite.