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Package "twitter"

Title:A pack to access the twitter api
Latest version:0.10
SHA1 sum:d85b21fb7ba7bd3cff3ae49ffa479146ea5e5fbf
Author:Sam Neaves <sam.neaves@gmail.com>


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Great! Gives basic access to the Twitter API.

Really easy to use.

Friday 23 March 2018, Anne Ogborn

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This is a pack to make application searches of twitter.

You need to go to https://apps.twitter.com/ and make an app with a consumer key and consumer secret.

To use :

use_module(library(twitter)). get_bearer_token('yourkey','yoursecret',Json,Token,Error).

%This this asserts token/1

Then you can make a search. e.g. searching for tweets with the word 'walrus' is done as so:


Json is a dict with the response from twitter.

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