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Package "sindice"

Title:Access to Sindice semantic web search engine
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Latest version:0.0.5
SHA1 sum:14d8dc84af821cc23b999f6e34236f070503743b
Author:Samer Abdallah <s.abdallah@ucl.ac.uk>
Download URL:https://github.com/samer--/prolog/raw/master/sindice/release/sindice-0.0.5.tgz


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This package provides an interface to the Sindice semantic web search engine.

Simple usage

The simplest way to use this module is to call si_with_result/5. The last argument is an ordinary Prolog goal that will be called with the 4th argument bound to the URI of a search result stored in a temporary named graph. Progress is bound to a term Current/Total which says how far through the result set we are. Multi-page result sets are managed transparently.

?- use_module(library(sindice)).
?- si_with_result(keyword(coltrane),[],Progress,Res,si_facet(Res,Facet)).
?- si_with_result(keywords([coltrane,monk]),[fields([cache])],Progress,Res,si_facet(Res,cache(Cache))).

Planned enhancements

  • A query language similar to that implemented in lucene.pl (part of the musicbrainz package).
  • A means to load and query the cache URL corresponding to a search result.

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