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Package "reif_utils"

Title:A collection of reified predicates for use with reif.pl
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Latest version:1.0.0
SHA1 sum:0db62377a79f3f04f96abbcf2188fb9d4d937503
Author:Michael D. Misamore <m.misamore@gmail.com>
Home page:https://github.com/mmisamore/reif_utils
Download URL:https://github.com/mmisamore/reif_utils/archive/1.0.0.zip


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This module collects a variety of utility predicates intended for use with Ulrich Neumerkel's reif.pl library. Please see the paper by Neumerkel and Kral for background. It is intended for use with SWI Prolog; please see LICENSE for terms of use.

The implementations provided here fall into the following groups:

  • Pure, reified integer comparison predicates (leveraging Markus Triska's excellent clpfd library for SWI Prolog)
  • Impure, reified term equivalence and term-ordering predicates
  • Pure, reified term-ordering predicates The real value provided here is in the tests: every provided predicate is implemented and tested in all possible computable modes, with the goal of eliminating all unnecessary choice points.

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