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Package "prolog_starter_project"

Title:Prolog Starter Package
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Latest version:1.0.2
SHA1 sum:d4bb416f9e467e0f6404eac1252d537b7aa282a0
Author:Wouter Beek <wouter@triply.cc>
Maintainer:Wouter Beek <wouter@triply.cc>
Packager:Wouter Beek <wouter@triply.cc>
Home page:https://github.com/wouterbeek/test
Download URL:https://github.com/wouterbeek/test/releases/*.zip


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Prolog Starter Project

This is a very simple Prolog project that can be used as a template to build your own projects off of.

How to publish

Perform the following step to publish your own Prolog project in the Prolog package repository:

  1. Fork this starter project and turn it into your own project at Github location `https://github.com/USER/REPO`.
  2. Change the metadata in pack.pl. Set name to REPO and set version to a Semantic Version x.y.z.
  3. Create a Github release for your project with the same version that is in your pack.pl file (i.e., x.y.z). .
  4. Run the following command in Prolog:

That's all folks! Others can now reuse your project.

How to find your project

Others can install your project with the following command:


Where REPO is the name of your project (see above).

Let me hear what you think

Please create an issue if you encounter any issue, or if you have suggestion for improving the Prolog starter project.

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