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Package "ical"

Title:iCalendar DCGs and parsers
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Latest version:0.1.0
SHA1 sum:1871ffa261e1c893337d31ffd67d011443ae369b
Author:Christian Gimenez <cgimenez.public@openmailbox.org>
Home page:https://bitbucket.org/cnngimenez/swi-ical/
Download URL:https://bitbucket.org/cnngimenez/swi-ical/get/ical-*.zip


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ICalendar Package for SWI-Prolog

This package implements predicates and DCG rules for parsing ICalendar files.

ICalendar is specified at the RFC5545 standard.



See COPYING.txt file or the GNU GPL Licence page.

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Pack contains 9 files holding a total of 46.7K bytes.